From Dispensable to Invaluable: Unlocking Employee Engagement and Business Growth    

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In this whitepaper, you will learn about the detrimental risks of deprioritizing your employee engagement efforts and how to position your learning and development programs to measure impact and drive value. 

Industry expert, professor, author, and keynote speaker, Dr. Karl Kapp uncovers The Revealing Truth: What Actually Happens When Neglecting Employee Engagement. In this whitepaper you will learn: 

  • The importance of integrating employee experience and L&D programs with performance management  
  • Industry research on employee engagement and its effect on organizations.  
  • The impact and cost of deprioritizing employee engagement  
  • Industry-specific use cases for game-based training and performance 

Nothing could be more dangerous or counter-intuitive for an organization than this misguided effort

– Dr. Karl Kapp

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