Your Pre-boarding Cheat Sheet: 5 Tips to Prevent First-Day Ghosting

Your new hire has accepted your offer and confirmed their start date. But will they show up for their first day?

The odds might not be in your favor.

While first-day ghosting is considered a widespread problem, it is not a problem, per se; rather, it is a result of poor pre-boarding processes. But organizations have the power to turn this around, and Centrical’s Pre-boarding Cheat Sheet can help.

Centrical’s Pre-Boarding Cheat Sheet gives you:

  • The “why” behind first-day ghosting
  • A look into the “danger zone” of early attrition
  • Actionable tips on keeping new hires engaged before they start
  • An overview of how to elevate the pre-boarding experience and reduce early attrition

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