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Learning Reimagined: Centrical Finalist for Global Learning Technologies Award

By: Duncan MacPherson, Regional Vice President, Sales, EMEA

Learning Reimagined: Centrical Finalist for Global Learning Technologies Award


It is incredibly satisfying to help clients apply Centrical technology to move the needle in business. I say this as the head of sales for Centrical’s EMEA region. I have the privilege of working with many innovative brands across Europe. Clients turn to us to help them increase employee engagement, create a continuous learning culture, and inject a little fun and friendly competition in workdays disrupted by a pandemic that persists and that continues to reshape work as we know it. Client validation is everything, but outside recognition is appreciated, too. So, we are delighted to have made the shortlist for the 2021 Learning Technologies Award. We are finalists in two categories for our work with BT, one of the world’s leading communications services companies serving customers in the UK and 180 countries worldwide.

We are contenders in these categories: best learning technologies project in the commercial sector and best learning game. What earned us this coveted spot among many high-value brands, including Allianz, Colgate Palmolive, Deloitte, NatWest, and more?

Learning reimagined

In July of last year, BT implemented its Security Sales Excellence Program for its front-office sales organization. This team is responsible for selling an extensive portfolio of security intelligence and managed services. With ambitious growth targets – the company is set to double its sales targets by 2022/23 – BT recognized the need to reimagine its approach to learning.

With Centrical’s help and together with Strategy to Revenue, led by their CEO Mark Savinson, new customer-centric microlearning content was developed and delivered to BT sellers via a highly interactive gamification platform to boost engagement and drive business outcomes. The unique learning experience returned impressive results. For instance, 97% of learners completed all learning, 95% of learners passed their evaluation, and more than £281 million in qualified pipeline was generated.

Game on

The training content, created and designed by Strategy to Revenue, included text, images, audio, video, and interactive simulations to support every learner. The training was delivered in bite-sized chunks, typically 10-15 minutes long, ensuring learners could absorb and retain the information consumed. Each training module also included a short assessment to test the learner’s knowledge.

Additionally, game mechanics were used to motivate learners to consume the learning content. Learners would earn points for completing the content, which was organized into individual “learning missions.” These points would advance the learner in the game, so they could achieve new levels and move their team’s standing. Badges were awarded to each learner based on the success rate at completing the learning module assessment. After the game, a final badge was awarded, factoring in all previous badges, with learners aiming for a platinum badge.
The content was so well received, learners proactively asked for more.

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