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Learning KPIs for Effective Employee Training & Growth

What are Learning KPIs, and how can they motivate employees for continuous learning and growth? Read on to learn more.

Learning KPIs are a great way to help your organization measure knowledge retention, performance, productivity, and training effectiveness against growth and overall business results. These metrics are tied specifically to L&D and can help ensure your team is learning at the right pace while being given the tools they need to track their personal growth and success.

What are Learning KPIs?

Learning & Development KPIs measure and track an employee’s learning completion and/or success in the learning missions and programs that you choose.

Putting a spotlight on coaching and training programs ensures compliance and is proven to increase employee happiness and engagement. Adding Learning KPIs ensures that your employees know how they’re doing on their journey in a fun, motivating way!

Plus, don’t forget – so many motivating engagement and gamification elements can be tied to KPIs (think: badges, challenges, and more), making Learning KPIs one way to unlock a fully gamified learning experience.

Why use Learning KPIs?

  • Transparency: define Completion and Success KPIs for all or only some missions, while making it clear which missions “feed” each KPI
  • Gamify and motivate learning, making learning fun!
  • Make learning a habit with weekly/monthly cadences of learning progress and success
  • Unleash the power of the performance KPIs, but for learning
  • Out-of-the-box (OOTB) KPI types make Learning KPI implementation simple

How employees experience Learning KPIs

Learning KPIs help employees stay aware of the learning activities they need to complete as well as keep them motivated to do well.

From the employee view, employees can see their assigned Learning KPIs. There are two types we suggest focusing on:

  1. The success rate in learning
  2.  The Completion of learning.

Just like performance KPIs, employees can see a visual representation of how they’re doing in the KPI via the scoring range colors. They can also see how many points they’ve earned from this KPI directly from their homepage.

From the drill-down view, employees can get further details into Missions or Overview on the right-hand side of the page.

  • Missions show the employee exactly which learning missions are measuring this KPI. Employees can immediately take action from this view to complete any incomplete missions or review ones they’ve completed in the past:
  • Overview gives employees insight into how they’ve been trending in this Learning KPI over time and also provides transparency into the specific scoring ranges for this Learning KPI:

With Learning KPIs, employees always know how they’re doing in their learning and development journey.

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