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5 Tips to Driving Higher Employee Engagement for Ops Leaders

No longer a’s time for contact center operations leaders to get serious about employee engagement and wellbeing.

The cost of burnout is real.

$322 Billion global turnover and lost productivity cost and 3 in 4 employees feel strongly that their company doesn’t care about their wellbeing.
It’s no surprise that contact center leaders are dealing with rising attrition and absence and finding it more difficult than ever to attract the right agents. The good news—the road to employee engagement and wellbeing doesn’t have to be a bumpy one. Chart a course to higher employee engagement and wellbeing with these 5 tips.

1. Elevate the Onboarding Experience

  • Approach onboarding from a human-centric
  • Emphasize your culture
  • Use gamification to make it fun
  • Personalize the experience

2. Personalize Performance

  • Personalize goals to emphasize individual progress – like a fitness tracker for work
  • Align agent goals to business goals to create a shared sense of purpose
  • Provide continuous feedback and recognition
  • Connect learning to individual performance so everyone learns what they need to succeed

3. Invest in Continuous Learning

  • Increase knowledge retention and close knowledge gaps with personalized microlearning that leverages performance data and AI
  • Invest in learning in the flow of work
  • Give agents a sense of autonomy over their career pathway
  • Encourage agents to contribute tips and share best practices

4. Promote Culture and Connections

  • Provide frequent opportunities for agents to connect
  • Ask for feedback—and act on it
  • Incorporate wellbeing into the agent-manager digital relationship
  • Give recognition and kudos

When employees feel cared for at work, they are 3.2x more likely to be happy at work and 3.7x more likely to recommend working for the company.

5. Motivate Employees Through Proactive Coaching

  • Coaching is the best skill development lever to drive frontline performance
  • Focus on trends, as well as individual outliers
  • Offer in-the-moment coaching options
  • Measure the impact of coaching
  • Leverage AI to minimize admin time and maximize coaching time

Employees are 40% more engaged when they report to managers who effectively coach.

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