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How Bread Financial Increased Employee Performance with Centrical

Bread Financial is a tech-forward financial services company offering simple, personalized payment, lending and saving solutions. Guided by a digital-first approach, data-driven insights, and white label technology, Bread Financial delivers growth for some of the world’s most recognized brands with a compressive product suite.

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22% Improved productivity
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15% Increase in customer advocacy score
“We partnered with Centrical to drive associate experience, customer experience, and to elevate our KPIs.”


Bread Financials goals with Centrical were to give associates ownership of their performance and development. Empower associates and show commitment to their career growth, boost engagement, and reduce associate turnover.

Centrical helped Bread financial be proactive by using data driven analysis to help drive recognition, enhance communication and connectedness, provide a place for feedback, and allow their leaders to coach their associates. It is a tool that Bread Financial is using to achieve their goal of reducing turnover.

Since going live, Bread Financial reported that associates have sent over 6,400 kudos and earned over 29,000 badges, demonstrating high engagement and performance.

Time to results: 6 months.

"What I love about Centrical the most is that it is a one stop shop. Centrical takes all the information from the multiple places we go to for rewards, performance metrics, career development and puts it into the hands of our leaders and associates in one singular platform."

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