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The Top 5 Microlearning Platforms in 2024

Discover 2024's top 5 microlearning platforms designed to enhance your learning experience with bite-sized courses. Perfect for busy professionals seeking to grow skills efficiently

We’re busier than ever before. Constantly connected via our various devices, from mobile phones to smart watches, we are on the go and ready to work almost anywhere. Compounding this, attention spans are getting shorter, with people getting used to processing information as posts, stories, or reels, moving at the speed of a thumb swipe.  

In this context, how can organizations prioritize the growth of their employees? How can they find the time to effectively onboard and upskill their team members? 

This is where the power of microlearning comes in. We’ll discover how you can harness microlearning to achieve your business goals by exploring the top microlearning platforms of 2024.  

What is a Microlearning Platform, and Who Needs One? 

First, let’s define microlearning. Microlearning is an educational approach that delivers content in small, specific bursts, focusing on key concepts or skills. It typically leverages short-term learning activities designed for quick comprehension and easy application. It fits perfectly with the way people are used to consuming content and learning today.   

A microlearning platform is a digital environment designed to manage the entire microlearning process. Such platforms often incorporate interactive elements, videos, quizzes, and other forms of gamification to engage learners.  

Microlearning platforms differ widely in terms of their functionality, visibility, and control, with some catering to specific niches and others used by a broader range of customers.  

Microlearning platforms are commonly implemented by a range of different users, including:  

  • Corporates and enterprises where microlearning platforms are used for training employees on specific skills, compliance, or product knowledge, as well as onboarding and continuing education 
  • Educational institutions aiming to supplement traditional learning methods with more engaging content 
  •  Individual learners looking for flexible, on-the-go learning options that fit into their busy schedules 
  • Professional development programs targeting adults who need to update their skills but have limited time for traditional courses 

Benefits and Types of Microlearning Platforms 

We’ve seen how important microlearning is, and how it’s become the primary way leading organizations invest in and upskill their employees. Additional benefits of microlearning:  

  • Enhanced retention: Short, focused sessions help learners retain information better by targeting specific learning outcomes  
  • Flexibility: Learners can access content anytime, anywhere, making it easier to fit learning into busy schedules 
  • Engagement: Interactive elements and multimedia content make learning more engaging and less monotonous 
  • Cost-effectiveness: Reduces training costs by minimizing the time and resources needed for traditional training methods 
  • Immediate application: Allows learners to quickly apply what they’ve learned, enhancing the relevance and effectiveness of the training
  • Customization: Content can be tailored to meet the specific needs of different learners or organizational goals 

Microlearning Platforms 

All of these benefits are best achieved through a microlearning platform, which can offer: 

  • Accessibility: Enables learners to access learning material on any device, anywhere, promoting education on the go and fitting into varied schedules 
  • Personalization: Learners can personalize their learning paths based on interests, skill levels, and learning goals, improving engagement and outcomes 
  • Tracking and analytics: Provides insights into learner progress and engagement, helping educators and organizations tailor content and interventions effectively 
  • Scalability: Easily accommodates an increasing number of learners or content without a significant increase in cost or resources 
  • Interactivity: Interactive quizzes, simulations, and games make learning engaging, supporting better retention and understanding
  • Social learning: Some platforms include features for collaboration and competition among learners, enhancing motivation through social engagement 
  • Content variety: Supports a wide range of content types, from text and videos to interactive simulations, catering to different learning preferences 
  • Efficient content updates: Allows for quick and easy updates to learning materials, ensuring that content remains current and relevant 
  • Integration capabilities: Can often be integrated with other tools and systems, facilitating a seamless learning experience and broader educational ecosystems 

Types of Microlearning Platforms 

There are many types of microlearning platforms, including: 

  • Mobile apps: Designed for learning on the go, these platforms often include gamification elements to increase engagement 
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS) with microlearning capabilities: These platforms offer a blend of traditional and microlearning approaches, allowing organizations to manage comprehensive learning programs 
  • Video-based platforms: Focus on delivering content through short, informative videos, often supplemented with quizzes or interactive elements 
  • Flashcard apps: Utilize spaced repetition and active recall techniques, ideal for language learning or memorizing facts 
  • Interactive e-books and PDFs: Provide textual content in small segments, enhanced with interactive elements like quizzes and embedded videos 
  • Gamified learning platforms: Incorporate game elements into learning activities, making education fun and competitive 

Given the importance of a microlearning platform in delivering all the benefits that this form of learning has to offer, the question becomes: which microlearning platform is right for you? 

Top 5 Top Microlearning Platforms + Reviews 

Centrical is the leading microlearning platform. It is unique in its incorporation of gamification to achieve results that cannot be matched by other forms of microlearning. As a performance experience platform, it drives measurable impact across an organization, boosting EX and CX and delivering personalized microlearning at scale.  

Centrical has been awarded “High Performer,” “Easiest to Use” and “Users Most Likely To Recommend” for enterprises by G2 in Winter 2024. It consistently receives 5-star reviews and customers include Verizon, Yahoo!, and Microsoft.  

EdApp is offered for free at first and is “on a mission to democratize learning.” It offers a suite of features including a course creator tool, a customizable course library, and an admin portal for managing users, content, and data. 

4.7 out of 5 (G2) 

Tovuti LMS
Tovuti LMS offers a user-friendly, adaptive online learning platform focused on creating a people-first solution that encourages engaging learning experiences. Dedicated to customer success, Tovuti helps organizations enhance their learning and development, emphasizing skills as the core of business growth and engendering a culture of continuous learning. Serving customers worldwide, Tovuti provides a comprehensive and effective learning experience, aiming to unlock learner potential and transform organizations into high-performing entities.  

4.6 out of 5 (G2) 

Known originally for bringing the fun to family game nights, Kahoot! has branched out into other forms of learning. Kahoot! is focused on enhancing learning and engagement, aiming to enable all users, from kids and students to corporate employees, to reach their maximum educational capacity. The Kahoot! system simplifies the process for both individuals and organizations to develop, distribute, and conduct interactive learning activities, ensuring high levels of participation. These sessions can be conducted in any setting, whether face-to-face or online.  

4.6 out of 5 (G2) 

UJJI offers to “Turn knowledge into action with on-the-go bespoke training.” It’s a professional development platform designed to enhance skills, allowing users to learn during daily activities. It focuses on project management, communication, problem-solving, productivity, and adaptability. UJJI uses a behavioral science-based methodology to offer interactive learning through games, activities, and rewards. It provides on-demand content, gamified assessments, audio lessons, and real-world tasks, along with rewards for career growth.  

4.5 out of 5 (G2)  

How to Select the Right Platform for Your Needs

The first step here is to determine the various goals for each area of your organization that you would like to improve. This could be general employee onboarding, specific metrics in your contact center, or boosting your sales performance.  

Once this is determined, you’ll want to assess which platform will most likely give you the best results. Look out for a platform that offers: 

Gamification: This has been proven to improve employee experience, enhance engagement, and drive results. 

Experience: Look for a long track record and well-known customer names to ensure that it’s worthwhile to invest in the platform for the long term. 

Measurable impact: Can the platform demonstrate real-world success with actual metrics? 

AI integration: Has the platform harnessed the latest developments in this field to give you the best solution?  

Once you’ve made your initial selection, it’s important to assess the cost-effectiveness of the platform. 

How to Assess the Cost-effectiveness of Microlearning Platforms 

In assessing the cost of the platform versus the expected benefits, it’s important to take all factors into account, such as both direct and indirect costs, as well as tangible and intangible benefits.  

For example, some platforms have an exceptionally steep learning curve, while others promise much but just don’t keep employees engaged.  

Watch the Centrical platform in action with a quick preview. 

Meet Centrical’s Microlearning Platform 

Centrical’s microlearning platform is the top-ranked gamification-based platform available. It’s trusted by customers from SMBs to enterprises like Microsoft and Verizon, and it consistently earns 5-star reviews while delivering real results to delighted users.  

The Centrical microlearning platform includes everything you need to get started and succeed with microlearning in your organization, whether that’s for a contact center, a sales team, or general learning and development, including onboarding and upskilling. It incorporates:  

  • Learning in the flow of work: Delivering AI-targeted, bite-sized learning moments based on knowledge and performance gaps to train and reinforce that new knowledge 
  • Personalized learning: Crafting the perfect message for the right person at the right time 
  • Gamification: Motivating employees to continue learning with badges, points, leaderboards, and more 
  • Social knowledge sharing: Encouraging value-adds through collaboration and communication while increasing engagement and performance 
  • LMS integration: Tap into leading platforms for maximum training and development reach 
  • Ease and scale: Creating training materials and bringing the process to scale has never been easier  


Microlearning is the perfect way to connect with your employees, invest in them, and encourage engagement and commitment while delivering measurable results.  

The benefits of microlearning range from enhanced retention to increased flexibility and engagement. It is cost-effective, provides quick ROI, is immediately applicable, and offers advanced customization options.  

The key takeaway? Engage a platform as soon as possible to harness the benefits of microlearning. 

Centrical’s microlearning platform is the ultimate way to unlock this value for your organization. For over a decade, Centrical has partnered with organizations across industries and the world to deliver the benefits of microlearning. To learn more about Centrical and how we can help you deploy microlearning to your teams, check out our platform in action with a sneak preview, and schedule your personalized overview today! 

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