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How Employee Contributions Boost Team Performance

How do employee contributions drive employee performance and a culture of learning? Read on to find out more.

By: Andrea Meyer, Content Manager

Learning and development is something that takes place throughout the employee lifecycle – and a large part of this comes from real-world, on-the-job experience and practice. The longer employees are in their role, the more institutional knowledge and intellectual capital they have. And it is essential for modern organizations to tap into this knowledge as part of a social learning ecosystem where employees share experience and perspective with peers and the organization.  

For instance, let’s say Cynthia has been a debt collections agent for five years. During her time at the company, she has spoken to thousands of individuals and businesses and managed to consistently meet her KPIs. In fact, she has actually exceeded her KPIs on more than one occasion. Cynthia is a perfect example of someone who likely has a few tips on how to have effective conversations and her experience would be incredibly valuable to others who are either new to their roles or are struggling with meeting their goals. 

How can organizations leverage this knowledge in an easy, effective, and efficient way? 

This is where an employee contributions tool comes in handy.  There is nothing like learning from one’s peers, and employees should be able to share tips, best practices, lessons learned, and do’s and don’ts from their experience with their colleagues, while making a direct impact and getting recognized for it.  

Centrical understands the value in peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and that is why our platform has a Contributions feature, where employees can share their own tips and practices with others. In this article, we’ll explain what Contributions is, and how it works. 

Sharing Contributions 

Employees who have been selected to serve as contributors will be invited to share their expertise; they may contribute tips about a KPI they are assigned to and other pre-defined topics.  

Viewing Contributions 

Sharing employee contributions is easier than ever! In Centrical, employees will see “Top contributions for me today” which is based on their assigned KPIs. From there, they can upvote a tip if it’s helpful, save it, share it in Conversations, or give the contributor kudosto say thanks. 

Summing it all up 

We’ve just covered the importance of employee contributions, and how the Centrical platform enables users to learn from others and share their experience and expertise: 

  • Learning and development should occur over the entire employee lifecycle 
  • Employees, especially those who are longer-term, have highly valuable institutional knowledge that can help fellow employees and the overall organization. 
  • Sharing and finding this knowledge should be easy and efficient for contributors and readers 
  • The Centrical platform provides a Contributions feature that offers ease of use and the opportunity to recognize and reward contributors. 

Finally, remember that contributions aren’t just for longtime employees and top performers – everyone has something to contribute. Perhaps Jim in new accounts was lagging but was able to turn his performance around quickly. Or Dena in customer service was able to reduce her post-call updating time and move onto the next call more quickly. Even Ed, who found a constructive way to decompress after a difficult call, might want to share this with frustrated colleagues. 

Interested in learning more about Contributions and seeing the Centrical platform in action? Have a quick preview of what we do and request your free personalized demo today! 

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