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Revolutionize Your Contact Center in 2024: 5 Actionable Trends

2024's Top 5 Contact Center Trends: from AI Copilots to gamified goals, these strategies elevate customer service and agent morale. Implement now for a booming year!

5 Onboarding Gamification Strategies with Examples

Discover the transformative power of onboarding gamification. Explore engaging strategies to enhance employee orientation, boost retention, and drive success in the digital age.

Centrical Recognized as a Global Leader in Sales Gamification for G2’s Winter 2023 Report

Centrical has been featured in 112 new reports, receiving the “Users Love Us Badge” and continues to be the Global Leader in G2’s Sales Gamification Platforms for Winter 2023!

Focus on 2024: Optimizing Pre-boarding and Onboarding

Operations leaders are looking to optimize pre-boarding and onboarding in 2024. Read more for a quick overview on setting new hires up for success.

Interview: Supercharging the Frontline Manager Experience

How can organizations prepare frontline managers to lead a modern workforce with rising customer expectations?

Spotlight on Success: Centrical Unveils the 2023 Select Award Winners!

Celebrating Organizations and Individuals Who Are Transforming the Frontline Employee Experience

2024 in Focus: Cost Savings with Frontline Employee Retention

How can contact centers retain employees for cost savings (and a better customer experience) in 2024?

Training for Call Center Managers: A Full Guide

Explore key strategies with our guide on essential training for call center managers, enhancing leadership, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Understanding Preboarding: A Comprehensive Guide

Preboarding begins before day one, ensuring a smooth transition for new hires. Discover tips and tools to engage and prepare employees effectively.

Three Tips for Supercharging the Manager Experience

The contact center landscape is changing. The manager experience must change with it.

Why Your Gamification Strategy is Going to Fail

Despite an 80% fail rate, your gamification project isn’t doomed. Read on for a look...

Top Call Center Coaching Techniques & Methods

Master call center coaching with effective techniques & methods. Elevate agent performance and customer satisfaction today!

Drive transformation with gamification

Supercharge employee engagement by giving your workforce daily reasons to get excited

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