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Trick or Treat? Why Not Both? Celebrate Halloween to drive work performance and learning

October 21, 2018 • Boaz Gordon

Halloween is one of the most fun holidays out there and one of the best to celebrate at work. When else can you invite vampires, ghosts, witches and zombies for a festival of gore at your office?

Bringing Halloween spirit into office work and learning is not just great fun. For decades, studies have suggested that learning, attention, memory, and social functioning are all influenced by emotional processes. Educational-research has found a correlation between positive “Affect and learning performance. Affect is a concept used in psychology to describe the experience of core-emotions and reactions such as anxiety, joy, hope, pride, relief, anger, boredom and shame. Brain-research suggests positive emotions are vital to effective learning. Instructional processes that elicit positive emotions have been shown to increase the likelihood of driving effective cognitive processing.




At Gameffective we aim to harness the Halloween holiday fun to deliver a better employee learning and performance experience. In what has become an annual tradition, Gameffective is opening its special Halloween campaign for users worldwide. A special spooky look-and-feel as well as a host of fun mini-games, creepy avatar accessories and Halloween props – are all available as part of this year’s joyful campaign.

Besides providing your employees with the opportunity to take a short break and have some fun at work, this campaign fits in with the seasonal cycle engulfing the employee. It allows bringing the outside world into your employee’s performance and learning environment and augments the space where work takes place to help increase engagement, focus and learning attention and retention.

So don’t be a Grinch (oh, wait… that’s a different holiday); setup your new campaign today, and feel free to contact your Customer Success Manager for any and all additional assistance. It’s time to join in the Halloween fun!



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Gameffective is a holistic SaaS platform for driving employee performance and learning. Using science backed tools and mechanics it empowers employees through daily interactions to boost their knowledge and work skills. It offers hyper personalized goals, real time tracking and data-driven adaptive microlearning. Infused with deep and sustainable gamification mechanics, Gameffective helps managers in the world’s leading organizations drive up employee value day by day. To find out how Gameffective can help transform your organization go to or book a live demo.

About the Writer

Boaz Gordon is Director of Customer Solutions at Gameffective. Boasting more than a decade’s worth of experience developing solutions and successfully running deployments in large enterprises, Boaz has been given charge of Gameffective’s Solution-Experts team; by providing best practices and solutions, Boaz and his team empower customers to maximize the added-value of the Gameffective platform and its features.

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