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Manager Insights: Your Secret AI Coaching Superpower

How can managers quickly and efficiently prioritize who to coach, reward, and recognize? It can be as easy as 1-2-3. Read on to learn more.

By: Andrea Meyer, Content Manager

The role of team manager brings with it a series of responsibilities, among them, setting priorities, aligning employees with KPIs, monitoring performance, and coaching. But it might not be easy for managers to see whose performance is dropping or rising, or where these drops and improvements are occurring. It can be equally difficult to efficiently take the best next step, which might be a coaching session, or perhaps simply offering the employee a quick congrats. Not only does missing these opportunities negatively impact the employee experience, but it will also in turn affect the customer experience.  

Centrical focuses on helping organizations elevate the employee experience, and this goes for managers, too. In this article, we’ll speak to how the Centrical platform helps managers evaluate overall employee and team performance at a glance, and easily prioritize and execute the next steps.   

Manager Insights with AI 

Centrical offers a feature called Manager Insights, which helps managers prioritize when it comes to coaching and recognizing their team members. With this AI-driven feature, managers can log in and see their team’s daily top insights (meaning, the most-impactful drops or improvements in employee performance). The insights are ranked and include at least one opportunity for coaching and one for recognition (helping the manager prioritize who to coach and recognize). The rest of the insights managers will receive are considered the next most “powerful” (biggest drop/improvement). 

Here are the insights on the dashboard, and up close: 

How do Manager Insights work? 

The Centrical platform leverages AI to analyze employee performance across KPIs to establish their baseline, as well as outliers (in other words, anything out of the ordinary, such as a dramatic drop in performance, or a rapid trend upward). Insights are then generated based on any outliers, and how employees are doing based on their own average performance over a set time period in comparison to the rest of the team’s average performance over that set time period.  

What do the Insights look like? 

The information that managers see as part of each Insight is in line with the information that goes into their creation. Managers will see and be able to compare both employee and team performance for the past set time period, evaluate drops and improvements, and prioritize and plan based on this information. 

Managers will also see a trend line of both individual and team performance over time, with the ability to show “events” such as coaching sessions, to gauge if there have been improvements since.  

From here, the manager will be able to select automated actions, such as coaching, starting a conversation, or giving recognition.  

Why are Manager Insights an important tool? 

It’s all about priorities.  

Managers have an enormous responsibility and tight bandwidth. No matter how good a manager’s skills, or how conscientious they are, it is easy to miss coaching and recognition opportunities in the moment – especially with a large team. With Manager Insights, the Centrical platform puts the performance outliers on a manager’s radar. This helps the manager easily spot and prioritize the employees who need the most coaching that day, so that they can course correct and change poor practices before they become a habit. Manager Insights also helps managers harness opportunities to recognize and reward employees who have improved, which motivates them to keep up the good work. Our platform also makes it easy to take these next steps quickly. 

Get a sneak peek at the Centrical platform in action with a quick preview 

Some FAQs 

Where do the Manager Insights’ KPI data/trends/visuals come from? Is it the same as the KPI data/trend the employee sees? 

Yes, it’s the same data.  

Are the Manager Insight trends and results live?  

Yes! The trends are updated as the employee’s performance updates.  

Summing it all up 

Manager Insights are a useful, AI-powered tool for managers, putting the employees who are most at risk or improving the most on the manager’s radar, helping them prioritize who to manage and how. Manager Insights offers:Manager Insights are a useful, AI-powered tool for managers, putting the employees who are most at-risk or improving the most on the manager’s radar, helping them prioritize who to manage and how. Manager Insights offers: 

  • A clear overview of employee and team performance over a set period of time 
  • Help in setting priorities by ranking team members for coaching or recognition  
  • Comprehensive insights for each listed team member 
  • Trend lines that include not only overall and individual performance but “events” such as coaching sessions 
  • Ease in taking action on next steps, such as sending coaching actions, starting conversations, or offering recognition

For over a decade, Centrical has partnered with leading organizations across industries and the globe to elevate the employee experience (and in turn, the customer experience) by taking a holistic and gamified approach and providing targeted, personalized microlearning, real-time performance insights,  and AI-powered coaching. See the Centrical platform in action with a quick preview, or schedule your personalized overview today.  

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