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Centrical empowers insurance sales and service agents with the knowledge, motivation, and coaching they need to delight customers and deliver a best-in-class customer experience. 

Trusted by the world’s leading enterprise insurance sales and service teams

“This is the behavioral change that we were aiming for…we were able to achieve this without changing our compensation plan…we could really see an increase of our cross-selling all over our product selection.”

Head of Sales Coordination | Swiss Life Select

Change the game for your insurance sales and service agents

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  • Centrical Clients Experience
  • icons 36% Increase in Policy Sales
  • icons 30% Lower Early Attrition
  • icons 10% More Sales per Agent

Swiss Life Select Drives Sales Performance

Learn how Centrical has helped reinforce a performance-driven culture and drive impressive results in sales performance.


Boost productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue

Improve claims and service agent performance

Keep agents motivated and provide ongoing learning and coaching to improve handle times, lower attrition, and increase customer satisfaction. 

Increase sales and renewals

Improve product knowledge with targeted microlearning and create healthy competition with personalized gamified targets.  

Keep pace with product and regulatory changes

Reduce complaints and mitigate compliance risk with fast, focused microlearning, accessible anytime and anywhere. 

Lower attrition and improve onboarding

Elevate the employee experience from onboarding and beyond and increase employee lifetime value with new ways of engaging and training your team. 


Swiss Life Select Increases Sales Growth 12% with Centrical

Swiss Life Select, a subsidiary of Switzerland’s largest life insurance company, has a long history of innovation. Hear from David Windlin, Head of Sales Coordination for Swiss Life Select, and learn how Centrical has helped reinforce a performance-driven culture in the company and drive impressive results in sales performance. 

Microsoft drives down absenteeism by 12% and boosts productivity

Microsoft’s global network of contact centers supports its consumer offerings with thousands of service agents. Centrical helped Microsoft make service agents more productive, responsible, and most importantly more engaged. Read the full case study to learn how. 

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