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How to implement an enterprise gamification project in 2-5 weeks

How to implement an enterprise gamification project in 2-5 weeks

We just released a white paper about best practices in enterprise gamification project management. You can download it here. Here is an excerpt:

“To give you a good sense of the project phases of an enterprise gamification project, we’ve decided to share our own project plans and charts. You can use them as a reference point for any gamification project you choose to implement, since it outlines the main phases in implementing a gamification project.

The typical project, from beginning to actual launch should take 2-5 weeks, depending on the complexity of the process.

This assumes that the gamification platform chosen is a no-code platform that can simply integrate across many enterprise systems. When choosing a gamification vendor, make sure you understand whether the IT integration effort risks lengthening the project or making it cumbersome, especially when the gamification project spans more than one enterprise system, meaning that employees will use it in the context of several enterprise applications.

The main enterprise gamification project phases are (1) preparation (2) design (3) integration & setup and (4) testing and calibration.

  • The preparation phase includes goal setting, player profiling, definition of desired behaviors and information analysis.
  • The game design phase is where game elements and rules are set.
  • The integration and set up phases include simulations, which, in turn, may lead to changes in game design.
  • Testing and calibration extend from the launch phase and into the KPI and ROI analysis activities”

To read more, download the white paper here.

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