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Gameffective Announces the Conversations Module, Creating a Constant Dialogue between Employees, their Managers and the Workplace as a Whole

April 30, 2018 • Tal Valler

The module creates a continuous dialogue about performance and learning, letting managers and instructors provide valuable feedback to employees to drive coaching and motivation

April 30, 2018 [New York, NY] – – Gameffective, a leader in Workforce Digital Motivation and Next-Gen Learning, announced today that it has added a new module to its platform: the Conversations Module.

Delivered inside Gameffective’s digital motivation and learning platform, the Conversations Module powers manager or trainer observation, evaluation, feedback and coaching. Many companies are chronically deficient in providing feedback, recognition and opportunities for learning and the result is under-engagement, lack of knowledge and a loss of opportunities to improve life at work.

Here are some examples of how the Conversations Module can be used:

  • A call center employee can see more than their performance KPIs or their microlearning missions. Using the Conversations Module, they can receive detailed written or video feedback and coaching from their manager, akin to continuous manager check-ins. Results are also reflected in employee rewards, recognition or other digital feedback provided by Gameffective’s system.
  • In a learning situation, trainers can add written feedback and observations on top of measured learning completion or knowledge levels.
  • For sales enablement, the Conversations Module powers coaching – managers can send and receive videos, or chat with employees about the sales interactions they are having.

The Conversations Module sits on top of Gameffective’s Engagement Automation, which automatically creates a continuous dialogue with the employee, providing coaching and feedback, accomplished through a set of automated triggers and calls to action. While engagement automation is an automatic dialogue between a set of rules and triggers and the employee, the Conversations Module involves human input from managers, transforming company culture through rich interactions related to performance or learning.

“Digital Motivation and Engagement Automation are at the forefront of changing work – and how we think about motivation and learning, yet they aren’t enough” said Gal Rimon, Founder and CEO of Gameffective. “Employees need real-life dialogue with their managers, they need to be noticed and appreciated. The Conversations Module powers this by encouraging and formalizing their process of communications and combining it with our gamified platform”. Rimon mentioned that the Conversations Module is planned to evolve and include more interaction options as the company continues to develop its product in the coming year.

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