Centrical and Teleperformance  

Best-in-Class Employee Experience Driving <BR> Best-in-Class Customer Experiences

“Our Operational teams are driving valuable benefits from the application of AI in customer interactions, and Teleperformance is generating true business value for its clients by combining advanced technologies and over 40 years of CX experience with our Centrical partnership.” 

Paul Joustra
Head of Transformation CEMEA, Teleperformance 

Engaging employees. Delighting customers. Transforming business

Together, Centrical and Teleperformance, the global leader in digitally integrated business services, are raising the bar on employee engagement and performance. Delivering the perfect blend of people, process, and technology, Teleperformance collaborates with Centrical both as a client and partner to deliver exceptional customer experiences while optimizing employee performance.




Centrical and Teleperformance
Success by the numbers

21% increase in CSAT during peak season- energy

20% Lower average resolution time- automotive

10% improvement in quality assurance – car sharing/food delivery

7% increase in net promoter score – financial services

A Powerful Partnership

Centrical and Teleperformance

Augment advisor productivity

Align KPIs with targets and guide success with detailed performance insights, personalized microlearning, feedback, recognition, and AI-driven coaching. 

Increase engagement

Apply advanced gamification, reward mechanisms, and personalized learning journeys to keep advisors proficient and reduce attrition. 

Centrical and Teleperformance
Centrical and Teleperformance

Optimize customer interactions

Ensure advisors are more engaged, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. 

Enable continuous success through coaching

Empower advisors and nurture employee success through continuous, intelligence-infused coaching. 

Centrical and Teleperformance

Watch how Teleperformance drives agent efficiency using Centrical to drive better knowledge, engagement and focus.


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High-tech, high-touch approach.

Learn how Centrical and Teleperformance can help deliver exceptional customer experiences and optimized employee performance.

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High-tech, high-touch approach.

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