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18% higher channel sales revenue through higher learning engagement

A Fortune 100 tech company's sales partners rarely engaged with its learning content or accessed its collaboration platforms. This meant being less than top-of-mind for channel partners and missed opportunities. Using Centrical this tech leader gamified learning and rewarded sales employees for engaging in it. Partners participating in the program delivered 18% more sales revenue.

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31% Log in daily to learn
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18% Higher channel sales revnue
"The engagement and impact we've achieved are fantastic."
Frederic G. Digital Innovation Strategy Manager

Driving channel sales employees to engage with learning leads to more revenue

This leading technology manufacturer wanted a platform that will engage partners to use learning material and sales aids. Centrical was the “perfect tool.” It intrinsically motivates channel partners to get better at selling products and stay up to date.

The platform offered unmatched flexibility. It was customizable, so different data sources could be integrated to trigger relevant learning and motivation mechanisms at the right time – ensuring maximum engagement and proficiency levels for each channel sales employee.

A game narrative designed to drive desired behaviors and interactions was used. Each activity let a seller gain points redeemable for swag at a virtual store. Missions were linked to courses that deserved focus.

After three months with the platform 31% of users are engaging with learning at least once a week of which many users logged-in more than twice a week. Sales revenue, for the channel partners where the program was deployed, increased by over 18%.

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