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Announcing Gameffective’s Course Catalog

March 25, 2018 • Sivan Feingold

Gameffective’s learning solutions are all about “feeding” microlearning. By “pushing” the engagement with one microlearning item at a time (or several, in use cases such as onboarding and self-paced learning), the systems assists learners in choosing what they should learn. The system can even personalize the learning with different learning items adapted to different learners, based on their knowledge level, performance data and how quickly they absorb and remember the information.

Gameffective can be used to push learning through a Learning Management System, in addition to reporting back to the LMS, for reporting’s sake.

Yet sometimes, modern learning engagement systems, such as Gameffective, are also used as a replacement to a Learning Management System – and then Gameffective is used to schedule learning and to offer a course catalog, so users can see what else they can learn.

That’s why Gameffective is excited to announce the course catalog.

Many learning and development organizations today make large investments in developing or purchasing content, so they can make a wide and impactful offering to their employees. The course catalog is where this is showcased and where employees can see what’s available at their disposal.

This new feature is a knowledge hub that collects all learning campaigns (courses) into one area, so that it’s easy to locate, browse and enjoy what’s on offer. Employees can enroll in a course, see what courses are available or compulsory, and more.

This addition is a great way to encourage the employees to challenge themselves and enrich their knowledge, successfully enhancing the feeling that there is more to learn within the company, along with providing the resources to achieve more in the workplace.

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