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Centrical Reviews & Testimonials by Real Customers

Read what our customers say about Centrical products. Visit to learn more.

Centrical Reviews 

Below are just a few of the reviews offered by Centrical customers, which include Microsoft, HP, Verizon Cellular Sales, MSX, Ovo Energy, Teleperformance, Webhelp, and more.  

“The customer service focus from Centrical is really head and shoulders above the competitor that we were working with. The ability to truly be a partner and to listen to our clients and to be flexible and responsive has really come through.” 

–Deborah Mulholland, Director of Learning Solution, MSX 

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“When I ran comparisons, 89% of the agents we surveyed not only showed acknowledgement of the information but were also able to show how it was to be used. 3.5X more than before.” 

–Dee Nilles, Senior Business Program Manager, Microsoft 

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“I don’t think it’s a nice to have. I think it’s a need if I’m being honest. Centrical is our first kind of stand out, this is really going to help our people to be better and to make their lives easier in the job that they do.” 

–Sarah Ball, Head of OVO Care, OVO Energy 

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“Centrical’s platform is one of the most important, top 3 platforms we use at our company right now, it’s as important if not more important than our point of sales system.” 

–Brian Snyder, Regional Director, Verizon Cellular Sales 

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“With Centrical, we’re able to get our channel partners to engage more, learn more, and perform better…Centrical helps us become a more agile and efficient organization.” 

–Frederic Garnier, Digital Partner Experience Manager, HP 

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“Centrical was an ideal fit to help us drive agent performance results.” 

–Jaime Parra, Project Manager, Teleperformance 

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“This is the behavioral change that we were aiming for. And we were able to achieve this without changing our compensation plan. The amazing thing is, we could really see an increase of our cross-selling all over our product selection.” 

–David Windlin, Head of Sales Coordination, Swiss Life Select 

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For over a decade, Centrical has partnered with leading organizations across industries and the globe to build motivated, engaged, and high-performing frontline teams with targeted microlearning, AI-powered coaching, real-time performance management, and more, adding an element of fun and engagement for frontline employees with gamification. To learn more about how Centrical can help your organization, see our platform in action with a quick preview, or request your personalized overview today.  

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