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Getting employees hooked on learning using advanced gamification

Learn to use all the mechanisms that make games exciting and addictive to sustainably drive employee engagement with learning and increase its business impact. Watch this master-class with Dr. Karl M. Kapp, professor of instructional technology, and best selling author of "The gamification of learning and instruction" to get a framework and real-life examples from leading organizations who apply gamification as a strategic tool in their L&D arsenal.

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You invest a lot in developing, buying, and disseminating great learning content. But, if learning is not engaged with and completed, and, if the knowledge is not retained and applied, what’s the point? Gamification applies all the mechanisms that make games fun and addictive to turn learning into a daily habit for your employees.

Join our session with Dr. Karl M. Kapp, best selling author, award-winning speaker, and gamification guru to learn:



  • How to make learning addictive, engaging, and memorable with advanced gamification
  • How companies such as Microsoft, Novartis, and HP regularly apply gamification to boost engagement with learning and impact business performance
  • How to get started applying gamification with learning for immediate impact
  • What gamified learning programs will look like for your company and employees.

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