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CRM Gamification: Everything You Need to Know 

Want to know how to implement motivational rewards using CRM gamification and achieve the best results for your business? Learn more in the article!

Gamification One-Pager

Gamification One-Pager

Customer relationship management, or CRM, is a strategy used to manage interactions with potential and existing customers. The mass adoption of CRM systems has shown how important managing these interactions are. The data supports this, with an expected ROI of $8.71 on every dollar spent on sales CRM software, and 85% of CRM users reporting an improved customer experience.  

With CRM such a critical element of business today, it’s an area that has become fertile ground for gamification. Here’s everything you need to know about CRM gamification in 2023. 

What is CRM gamification? 

Gamification is using game mechanics – such as earning points or advancing levels – and applying them to non-gaming situations. In our context, CRM gamification is when gamification elements are applied to any aspect of customer relationship management.  

For example, take two sales teams, Team A and Team B. Team A has set targets (for instance, a predetermined number of calls to make per day) and access to dashboards that track and reflect their performance. Team members perform their daily tasks and calls, working to reach their targets. 

Team B, on the other hand, has the same criteria but unlike Team A, has a gamified experience. Every call earns them points, and they level up each time a new customer signs a deal. They can encourage each other and engage in friendly competition through a mobile app, and even redeem virtual coins for rewards. 

It’s no surprise which team is more successful at the end of the day.  

CRM gamification speaks to employees’ sense of fun, drive to improve, and willingness to compete in a friendly environment. Importantly, CRM gamification is not just one-sided communication with employees. Like gaming, it’s interactive, draws people in, sets context like storylines and narratives, and offers rewards. 

The Benefits and challenges of CRM gamification for businesses 

When implemented successfully, CRM gamification has enormous benefits for businesses. CRM gamification benefits range from providing more accurate information to more positive customer-employee interaction to happier customers and lower churn. While there are a few easily managed challenges (which we’ll also get to below) the benefits greatly outweigh any risk.  

CRM gamification benefits and challenges 

As we mentioned above, CRM gamification provides businesses with a variety of benefits, including: 

More accurate information 

CRM systems and platforms are only as good as the data in the product. A well-known weakness of CRM platforms is that employees will often fail to update the system with relevant information. By gamifying this element, employees are incentivized to keep the system updated, meaning more accurate information and a more powerful tool. 

Happier customers and employees 

CRM systems enable organizations to centralize important customer data in one place, allowing team members at different touchpoints to delight customers based on the customer history that is readily available in the CRM platform. By gamifying CRM, customers are happier because they’re receiving relevant information and the appropriate services, and employees are happier because they have exactly the tools they need at their disposal to reach their goals. 

Increased customer loyalty and lower churn 

Gamified CRM means better engaged and motivated employees, which also means more positive customer interaction. Sometimes, communications with existing customers can fall by the wayside in the quest for new deals, but if you gamify this element, it can form a core part of your retention strategy.  

A richer pipeline and more won deals 

CRM employees who work within a gamified environment are much more motivated every day to close more deals, speak to more potential customers, and invest in achieving their goals than they might be otherwise. That is because CRM gamification turns this process into a fun and effortless experience instead of a chore. 

CRM gamification risks 

CRM gamification does come with a minor element of risk. The biggest risk is implementing the wrong type of CRM gamification platform.  In this scenario, the gamification element might become a distraction, instead of a motivator. But this risk is easily mitigated by implementing the right type of gamification platform, one that is business-focused and purpose-built to provide results.  

Another risk in using the wrong type of gamification platform is that it may not have industry-standard security certifications, or other key elements, that can result in disaster. But with some research and careful planning, CRM gamification presents little to no risk to the enterprise. 

The power of implementing CRM gamification in contact centers 

Contact centers and BPOs are prime examples of how CRM gamification can move the needle, and help employees achieve even the most ambitious KPIs through increased engagement. CRM gamification can also help contact centers and BPOs retain talent, effectively onboard new employees, and drive cultural transformation. 

Sales, service, and other frontline employees can be motivated with gamified goals, guided performance feedback, and personalized microlearning, leading to improved handle times and resolution rates, and increased sales and customer satisfaction. 

The experience should be both fun and results-driven. Agents can be recognized and rewarded, motivated and inspired with peer and manager kudos, be given badges for achieving certain milestones, and earn points for social knowledge sharing. As an option, these virtual rewards can be redeemable for real-world rewards such as company swag.  

There is a proven link between implementing CRM gamification for contact centers, and actual business results. For example, users of Centrical’s platform showed a 12% increase in productivity, a 15% increase in CSAT and FCR scores, and a 30% reduction in early attrition.  

Tips for successful CRM gamification 

CRM gamification is an exceptionally powerful tool for any organization. The caveat is that it needs to be implemented properly. Tips for using CRM gamification successfully include: 

Rewards for achieving business goals 

Tie goals and KPIs to in-game achievements. By reaching gamified goals (such as hitting new levels or earning more coins) in tandem with their business metrics, employees are achieving results and are getting closer to their KPIs each time.  

Teamwork and friendly competition 

Gamification can be harnessed to encourage teamwork and friendly competition among team members. Both of these are important tools in driving results and can be achieved simultaneously when CRM gamification is implemented correctly. 

Personalize the experience 

Leading gamification platforms allow you to personalize experiences for employees, ensuring that their journey is relevant, motivating, and engaging. This will lead to better results for the individual, their team, and the company as a whole. 

Use gamification to connect 

With the frenetic pace of business today, one of the areas that often suffers is the relationship and communication between managers and employees. CRM gamification can drive more interactions, encourage honest and constructive feedback, and ensure that no employee is left behind.  

Create custom narratives 

Some CRM gamification platforms allow you to build your own content. This of course is even more engaging for employees, who can now connect on an even deeper level. 

Top 3 CRM gamification platforms 


Centrical is trusted by leading enterprises to keep their employees engaged, connected, and performing at their best. The platform offers an all-in-one comprehensive CRM gamification solution that also includes performance management, microlearning,  coaching, and the voice of the employee. The platform has been awarded “Momentum Leader,” “Easiest Admin,” and “Enterprise High Performer” by G2 for Winter 2023.   


Dubbed “The promotions engine,” this platform offers gamified promotions that can be used to attract and retain customers. The company’s API-first architecture and connection to multiple data sources make it an attractive proposition for marketers specifically. 


Deed is a platform that leverages gamification and good deeds to make a social impact. The concept helps employees make a difference and offers tools (like Slack integration) to make this easier to use internally.  

Centrical solutions for CRM gamification 

Centrical offers a comprehensive, best-in-class CRM gamification solution. By leveraging advanced gamification, the platform keeps employees engaged on a deeper level through an interactive, and personalized experience that includes exciting game narratives, competitions and challenges, and recognition and conversations that are all seamlessly integrated into one easy-to-use platform.  

By engaging individual employees and teams in innovative ways, businesses can create a motivated, high-performing workforce – and one that is set up for success.  

Key Takeaways 

CRM is an essential part of thriving in today’s business environment, and gamification that CRM plays a key role in ensuring that both customers and employees get the best of what your organization has to offer. We’ve just looked at an overview of CRM gamification, its benefits and challenges, the power of CRM gamification in contact centers, tips for using CRM gamification successfully, and more. Here are a few takeaways: 

  • CRM gamification is the application of game mechanics applied to CRM systems  
  • CRM gamification delivers huge benefits that include more accurate information, lower customer churn, and positive customer-employee interaction 
  • The low level of risk with CRM gamification is easily mitigated by choosing the right platform for your company 
  • Successful implementation includes personalization, recognition and rewards, individual and team competitions, and a social element.  
  • For over a decade, Centrical has partnered with enterprises across the globe for CRM gamification, delivering measurable business results 
  • CRM gamification is especially beneficial to BPOs and enterprise contact centers, helping to effectively onboard new employees, drive cultural transformation, and reduce attrition. 

Transform your CRM game with a quick preview of what Centrical does, and by booking your free, personalized demo today!  

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