Make employees the center of your business success. Now, more than ever.

Drive your employees’ experience and growth using real-time performance management, personalized microlearning, and advanced gamification. Wherever they’re working.

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Make employees the center of your customer service success. Now, more than ever.

Create great customer experiences with great employee experiences for your agents using real-time performance management, personalized microlearning, and advanced gamification. Anywhere they’re working.

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Make employees the center of your sales success. Now, more than ever.

Impact behaviors and performance of your salespeople to drive revenue, and more using real-time performance management, personalized microlearning, and advanced gamification. No matter where they’re working.

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Drive organization ROI through employee engagement


Sustain business
continuity in crisis

Ensure employees stay engaged, focused, trained and coordinated when transitioning to work from home or dealing with unforeseen circumstances.

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Boost employee performance

Drive employees to adopt the best practices and behaviors for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.

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Drive employee

Improve employees’ experience and connect them emotionally to your team and company goals for higher retention and performance.

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Create a learning

Increase learning participation by continuously engaging employees with personalized microlearning in the flow of work.

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Improve business

Quickly deploy process changes and updates to your frontline and ensure they are understood and applied. to empower organizational agility.

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18% Higher sales revenue
30% Faster onboarding
12% Higher employee productivity
17% Less employee attrition
2X More cross-sells

Advanced enterprise gamification

Connect your employees emotionally to work for a positive and productive culture of success. Turn :( into :) .

Centrical gamification software as a service lets you incorporate engagement and recognition into anything – driving anyone from your top players to your mid-performers to adopt the right behaviors and stay continuously motivated to excel. Our advanced gamification platform lets you offer personal challenges, set tiered, prize-winning competitions, or embed activities in quest-based game narratives. Whoever your employees are, there’s something in Centrical for everyone.

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Personalized microlearning

Provide employees with the knowledge they need when they need it. In bite-sized bursts.

There’s a better way to drive proficiency. With Centrical you can create bite-sized microlearning activities. Then use our AI assisted automation engine to deliver the right learning to the right employee at the right time based on their knowledge and performance data. No matter the learning need, with Centrical employees build skills and get up to speed in just minutes a day.

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Real-time performance management

Enable continuous performance tracking and feedback to increase employee effectiveness. At scale. Always.

Whether it’s sales goals, call metrics or knowledge levels, with Centrical your employees have always-on access to their performance data at the palm of their hand. Centrical acts as your employees’ virtual coach – it uses real-time data from your enterprise applications to offer new goals, provide personalized feedback and prompt microlearning and calls to action – Just like a fitness tracker for work.

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Dr. Nicola Benedetto Head of Service Processes
Employees feel accountable and try harder to do good work.
Allan Morales Regional Training Manager
Centrical has helped us enhance our learning and onboarding experience. I love how dynamic, intuitive, and user-friendly the platform is.
Brian Snyder Regional Director
In the 22 years I've been with this company I have never worked with a better vendor!
Neomie Rothnie QA Manager - Customer Care
We're very happy with the results this platform is yielding for us. Employees’ engagement in the learning process is amazing.
Ken Persson COO
It's timely, it's relevant and it's fun! Centrical really engages employees in following their performance, and improving it.
Derrick P. Director of Enrollment
The e-learning elements are what drove me to select Centrical. This focus on employee development was missing from other options I had explored.
Angie P. Recovery Program Lead
I love that we can customize everything to fit our needs. The team has been a pleasure to work with and is always available to assist. They have great ideas to help create a buzz with our teams.
Steven E. Sales Excellence Process Leader
Centrical was exceptional in the amount of delivery and ongoing support they offered to ensure we were successful.

Make your employees the center

Supercharge your workforce with real-time performance management, personalized microlearning, and advanced gamification.

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