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5 Ways to Effectively Manage your Frontline Teams in a Hybrid World

In a distributed work environment, your frontline managers can make or break the success of your employees. In fact, according to LinkedIn, less-than-optimal leadership practices may impact team productivity by up to 50%. It also drives higher turnover.

So, providing the right tools to enable your frontline managers to lead effectively is critical, now more than ever.

Explore these 5 ways you can empower your frontline managers to bring out the best in every employee and foster digital team connection, from anywhere.

Frontline manager success without boundaries.

1. Communicate Clear Goals

  • Set clear and realistic goals
  • Personalize targets based on individual skills, tenure, and performance trends
  • Make progress visible and empower every individual to own their success and growth
  • Provide the right support at the right time

2. Listen and Respond

  • Make it easy for employees to provide feedback
  • Don’t limit feedback to performance – capture feedback on workload, wellness, engagement, and other areas impacting ESAT
  • Respond with targeted support at the individual level

3. Show Appreciation

  • Recognize achievements (big and small)
  • Celebrate individual and team milestones
  • Reward employees for sharing their knowledge and helping their peers

4. Leverage your Team’s Unique Strengths

  • Get to know your employees at a deeper level, so you can lean into their strengths
  • Make room for employees to do the work they enjoy most
  • Check in often, to ensure employees feel inspired by their work
  • Provide clear growth paths

5. Use AI to Support Stronger Emotional Intelligence

  • Leverage AI to help managers identify who needs coaching and support
  • Provide easy access to data across performance, engagement, and wellness to ensure coaching conversations address the whole person
  • Support coaching conversations, anytime, anywhere
  • Measure the impact of coaching…and do more of what’s working

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