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‘Learning in the Flow of Work’ Is Just a Fad…If It Doesn’t Work

As compelling as “learning in the flow of work” might be, it’s little more than...

GamEffective’s Six Year Journey to Become Centrical

Gal Rimon shares the rationale behind the shift from GamEffective to Centrical and the future...

Turning Salespeople into Super Salespeople

Read how a Fortune 100 tech company improves channel partners’ engagement with its online training

Sales Enablement Needs to be More About Making Salespeople Better

Automating sales enablement can help salespeople sell. Read how it can be done.

The Absurdity of the Annual Performance Review

Companies typically don't leverage real-time data to enhance employee performance. They should. Read to learn...

How Not to Get Spooked by Ghosting Employees

New hires sometimes don’t show up and existing employees “disappear.” Learn the value of engaging...

Depending on Bots Is Dangerous to the Future of Your Contact Center

A research study on what technology contact center leaders expect in the future - and...

Don’t Let Sales Enablement Be a ‘Field of Dreams’

A sales enablement platform, must also serves to engage, train, and manage sales personnel. This...

Everyone Shouldn’t Have to Hate Customer Service

This commentary on a recent Wall Street Journal article reviews why service agents need more...

Engaging millennials at work

We need new tools to help us connect and engage our millennial workforce. Read this...

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