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Centrical Transforms Customer Calls to Boost Performance, Revenue and Customer Experience with New Gong Integration

Providing a best-in-class experience for customers through frontline employees.

In part of our daily mission to provide the best-in-class technology and experiences for our customers, Centrical teams up with global leading brands, develops out-of-the-box integrations and embedded applications for the world’s most widely used enterprise platforms.

As a global industry leader in workforce engagement management solutions, we are proud to announce our latest integration with Gong, the reality platform that gives teams totally visibility from the front line to their bottom line. Together, we provide real-time insight to boost productivity and drive revenue more efficiently through frontline employees.

With Centrical for Gong, we provide actionable coaching, performance KPIs, and personalized microlearning by identifying gaps derived from data and insights from front line employee interactions through Gong to improve seller performance.

Centrical For Gong can help improve seller performance with:

  • A holistic view from frontline employee performance to well-being, competency, and overall satisfaction
  • Focus and clarity on improving seller productivity through personalized, AI-driven microlearning that is delivered in the moment of
  • Advanced coaching and recognition tools like peer-to-peer kudos, and badges that drive substantial development and social knowledge sharing for peer collaboration and best practice alignment
  • Motivation and engagement powered by gamification through leaderboards, peer and individual challenges, and rewards from virtual stores

Centrical’s seamless integration with Gong will provide:

  • Performance Data and Conversational AI from meetings recorded by Gong
  • An Easy Integration via Gong Automation Webhooks​
  • Account level installation​

“Our seamless integration with Gong boosts the impact to sellers’ performance. The data and insights provided by Gong, become more actionable with guided recommended actions to sellers and personalized coaching, feedback and recognition suggestions to managers. Centrical motivates each seller to be at their best with coaching, gamification, competitions, and training delivered in-the-flow-of-work.” – Linat Mart, VP Product, Centrical

To get started with Centrical for Gong, add via connectors page and simple configuration in Gong

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