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Centrical: Now Available in Genesys AppFoundry

Centrical’s daily mission is to provide a holistic workforce engagement management solution that increases productivity using best-in-class technology through a unified employee experience for our customers. That is why we integrate and partner with global leading brands to develop out-of-the-box solutions and embedded applications for the world’s most widely used enterprise platforms.

Together with Genesys, we share the common goal in delivering a next generation, more connected employee experience which in turn results in seamless customer experiences.

That is why we built an integration with Genesys Cloud that is now available in the Genesys AppFoundry.

With this integration we:

  • Improve agents’ experience and productivity using KPIs that are pulled in real-time from all Genesys platforms in a single location
  • Provide focus and clarity on improving agent productivity and overall customer satisfaction through personalized, AI-driven microlearning that is delivered in the moment of need followed by real-time performance insights and actionable feedback.
  • Motivate agents to meet and exceed their targets daily through individual and team competitions, social recognition and collaboration, and real-time feedback all in a gamified experience
  • For supervisors we drive greater coaching impact through continuous and actionable coaching driven by individual performance. Employees are put at the center and receive guidance that is focused, personalized, and delivered in the moment of need. There is a consistent feedback loop between the employee and supervisor that is for the voice of the employee and overall wellbeing.
  • Personalize and Scale Quality Monitoring with customizable and easy to build QA forms, smart segmentations, and defined cadences (based on performance, tenure, past score, etc.) while also making the job fun. Keep them motivated through individual and peer challenges and KPIs.

And it is all powered by gamification which is the glue that connects each capability together for the ultimate employee experience.

Genesys cloud is a suite of cloud services for enterprise-grade communications, collaboration, and contact center management built on top of Amazon Web Services.

Centrical is a leading holistic solution in workforce engagement management that provides real-time performance management, microlearning, gamification, coaching and voice of the employee platform designed for frontline teams. Centrical is available on desktop and mobile making it accessible anywhere, anytime.

Take your frontline agent experience to the next level, today.

Learn more about Centrical for Genesys Cloud, our customer’s success and download the app via the AppFoundry here.

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