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2021 Centrical Select Awards

Celebrating Outstanding Centrical Client Achievements

Calling all Centrical Clients: Shine in the Centrical Select Awards


At Centrical, we’re proud of all our clients. We support the success of a growing portfolio of companies – all shapes and sizes, across industries and geographies. They’re game-changers, industry leaders, and innovators, and they share at least one thing in common: They not only put their trust in Centrical, but they place employees at the center of their business success.

Our clients apply Centrical’s employee success platform to heighten employee engagement and performance, improve customer experiences, and drive company growth. At Centrical all our clients are winners. But there are some that push the envelope further. A select group is taking our platform to new heights and using our solution in innovative ways to help transform their people and inspire greater growth for employees and their companies.

To recognize these leaders and partners in success and their genuinely remarkable projects, we are launching our second annual Centrical Select Awards.

Award categories

If your company is a Centrical client, we encourage you to submit nominations in any of the following award categories:

  • The Professor: Delivering learning that is always-on and hyper-engaging.
  • The Gamer: Offering a unique gamification strategy to sustain engagement.
  • The Caregiver: Keeping employees safe, healthy, and connected.
  • The High-Performer: Delivering scalable, personalized real-time performance.
  • The Captain: Leading effective employee management and coaching, at scale.
  • The Innovator: Redefining what success looks like, a true visionary.

You can submit nominations in multiple categories if the scope and details of the projects are unique in each category type.

Why participate?

Everyone appreciates recognition — that’s one of the core concepts behind our employee success platform. Our award enables you to highlight your team’s achievements and benchmark your projects alongside the world’s leading organizations. Oh, and winning companies will receive great gifts and promotional items from Centrical, too.

Key dates

  • Nomination submissions due: Friday, October 8
  • Shortlist announcements: Wednesday, October 26
  • Centrical Select Awards ceremony: Thursday, December 9

We’re ready to stand up and applaud your success, so submit today. Either submit on your own or ask your Centrical client success representative for assistance.

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