Top 10 Financial Services Contact Center Metrics (That Your Culture is Killing)

Agents in the banking, financial services, and insurance (BFSI) vertical have an especially challenging role, and in times of economic downturn and increasing competitive pressure, delivering an exceptional customer experience and meeting various metrics (especially CSAT) is critical for organizational success. However, industry leaders increasingly feel that these metrics are stagnating. But why? In this guide, we’ll dive into 10 critical call center metrics, why performance is stagnating, why culture is a root cause of the problem, and what leaders can do to affect change.  

This guide covers: 

  • 10 call center metrics your BFSI organization isn’t meeting 
  • What’s missing from the employee experience, according to contact center agents and supervisors 
  • The ways your company’s culture and employee experience may be killing these metrics  
  • Actionable steps for resolving these challenges awhile boosting both EX and CX  

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