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Introducing BOOST: An Employee Engagement Variety Podcast

An employee experience podcast

Ideas, insights, games

Welcome to BOOST! The Centrical podcast

Create a learning culture. Ensure business agility. Engage, train, and coach talent. Attract and retain employees. Boost performance. No matter how you break it down there is a multitude of imperatives facing enterprises today as they manage modern workforces and just as many opportunities to optimize employee performance.

But the playbooks that worked in the past have quickly become obsolete. From workforces going remote to scores of new tech stacks, and the great resignation, companies are faced with a “new normal” and countless changes. But one thing remains constant — the need to put employees at the center of everything and to keep them engaged like never before.

So how do you do this? Find out in Centrical’s new podcast, BOOST!

BOOST is a variety show from Centrical focused on one thing: helping you elevate your employee engagement and performance. Hosts Luke Jamieson and Laura Butvinik explore a collection of employee engagement topics, examining trends to know, insights to help you become a better leader, and conversations with peers sure to put a smile on your face.

Check out BOOST! and amp up employee engagement.

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