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Congratulations to our Centrical Select Awards Winners

By: Boaz Gordon, Vice President, Customer Experience, Centrical

Meet Our Winners.

In Centrical we see recognition as an important value embodied by leaders and winning companies that seek to acknowledge and reward excellence. In fact, enabling recognition is core to our employee-centric success platform.

This is one reason we launched the Centrical Select Awards two years ago. We wanted to recognize and celebrate the many customers who are taking our platform to new heights. They are a select group of visionaries among industry leaders.

We are fortunate in Centrical to work with some of the best brands in business today. These customers push boundaries every day – and we are right beside them with the technology and insights they need to make a positive impact on their business, and, more specifically, on employee and customer experience.

“We are excited to win the gaming award. We have embraced gaming and we are seeing its value among our employees. For me and my colleagues, it was an adventure. You helped us apply gaming to onboard employees and make it fun.”

– Corina Dinu, Webhelp Romania; Winner, The Gamer

Each Centrical Select Award winner applies our employee-centric success platform in unique ways that reflect their business goals and priorities – from creating a deeper sense of community among employees to coaching and driving performance through insights and enabling better communication. They are innovators and empaths; they are problem-solvers and fun-seekers. In fact, the variety is so wide we created six unique categories for our winners.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce the winners of this year’s Centrical Select Awards. I would also like to thank all our finalists. You, too, are exceptional and it is a privilege to work with you. I encourage you to watch the on-demand video of our award presentation and meet our winners. We are very proud to call each one our customer.

The Innovator

The winner of our Innovator category award, Sitel Group, thinks outside the box. They use the Centrical platform in truly unique ways to serve their business. They are amazing, too, at finding creative ways to inspire their employees to succeed. Congratulations to the Sitel Group.

The Gamer

Our 2021 Gamer category award winner, Webhelp Romania, has all the moves. They have successfully deployed a wide set of intrinsic and extrinsic motivational tools, game dynamics, and mechanics to drive long-lasting behavioral change. Congratulations to Webhelp Romania.

The Captain

Our Captain category award winner is dedicated to teams leading effective employee management and coaching at scale. Our winner, Hilton, has provided frontline managers with the right tools, training, and insights to get the most from each of their reports. Congratulations to Hilton.

The Caregiver

Keeping employees safe, healthy, and connected. That describes our Caregiver award category. Our winner, Comdata France, delivers business value by taking a holistic approach to connecting with employees, staying aware of their needs, and creating a true sense of community in their workforce. Congratulations to Comdata France.

The High-Performer

Our High-Performer category award winner delivers scalable, personalized real-time performance and uses data to drive success. Our winner, Teleperformance, has created a performance management process that is not only centralized and scalable but also personalized for each employee. Congratulations to Teleperformance.

The Professor

Delivering learning that is always-on and hyper-engaging, our Professor category award winner, Yahoo! Inc., is reserved for teams that have built a truly unique learning environment that delivers daily impact. Congratulations to Yahoo! Inc.


Boaz Gordon is Vice President of Customer Experience for Centrical.


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