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A Year of Success: Power Up Turns One

By: Laura Butvinik, Global Manager, Customer Education and Training

“Power Up is the most patient teacher that ‘took’ me by the hand and taught me the mysteries of this wonderful tool called Centrical.” – Iuliana T, user admin


Power Up, Centrical’s self-paced, gamified learning program, is turning one year old! In just 12 months, we’ve grown our Power Up community to over 1,650 people who are learning, experiencing, and becoming confident administrators of the Centrical platform each day.

While Power Up is only one, the idea for our learning accelerator goes back much further. It almost seemed obvious to use our own platform to teach our customers. After all, we know the Centrical solution works. It was about doing it right: creating a thoughtfully designed solution to serve our customer admins’ unique needs and deliver continuous value.

Planning the Power Up experience

One of Centrical’s values is “we put the customer in the center.” That’s why we were so thoughtful in carefully defining Power Up’s design principles:

  • Create a space where customers can learn through experience
  • Empower our customer admins with hands-on practice
  • Meet customers in their learning journey with us using role-based paths

To help customers not only use the platform but to truly experience its benefits and then learn how to implement it themselves, it was important that we go against every magician’s sacred rule: we needed to perform and then reveal our secrets.

When you take a Power Up course, you always experience what you’re learning before we pull back the curtain and explain theory and practice. Our customer admins want to create engaging and thoughtful experiences for their employees – and Power Up is where they get to experience and play firsthand.

For example, Power Up learners don’t just learn about the leaderboard; they get to compete against their fellow admins to climb the ranks of their own leaderboards during onboarding. Every best practice that we tell our customers is one that they get to experience, too, giving greater insight into its impact.

Power Up – One year later

We had always thought the program would bring value. But what we didn’t expect was the level of engagement and sheer enthusiasm from our customers.

For example, we designed Power Up with the learner experience top-of-mind always. But what we didn’t expect was for customers to start looking at Power Up as an inspiration board for their own solutions. This is one of Power Up’s unique benefits – by using our own solution, the platform isn’t just a training tool, but also a guide, playground, and example.

Our certification program has also taken off. Customers can earn certifications across Centrical’s pillars: microlearning, performance management, gamification, and Centrical administration, which symbolize huge milestones in Centrical expertise. In just one year, we’ve given out 400+ certifications to admins!

Each credentialed admin is celebrated with a certificate from their Customer Success Manager and a badge. Customers can even share it on LinkedIn to join in the celebrations of this milestone with the rest of the Power Up community.

One result I am particularly proud of is the powered-up confidence of our customers. Power Up utilizes micro-surveys throughout the experience as admins complete courses and exercises. At the end of each course, the admin is asked to rate their post-learning confidence out of 5. The average rating is 4.47/5!

I like to view Power Up like a rocket ship, where the customer is an astronaut, steering the course. While we provide the map and guidance, the customer has control over the journey: what they learn, when they learn it, and what advanced courses to enroll in next. Power Up is the supersonic rocket transporting you on the adventure – all while we over at Centrical mission-control are celebrating you every step of the way.

Bravo, Bravo

Don’t just take it from us. Here is what our customers say.

“Power Up provided me all the tools and knowledge to succeed, and it walked me step-by-step through some intimidating processes. I wouldn’t be half the Centrical admin I am without it!” – Tristina T, user admin

“Amazing experience, really nicely designed” – Manolis M, content creator

“This is so useful! We are learning more of Centrical by using Centrical. It is amazing!” – Andrea N, content creator

“Pacing and chunking of information is great. I like the opportunities to practice in the system!” – Joseph J, technical lead

“I very much like the microlearning structure, practice follows theory!” – Ioana C, training lead

“Awesome courses you guys have. Centrical makes it very easy to get hooked on earning more resources and be on a higher leaderboard spot than your coworkers.” – Luis N, training lead

“I’m really inspired by the ability to create challenges. I can’t wait to get started!” – Kristine C, business lead

“You have made learning fun.” – Kevin G, technical lead

“That was quick and easy to learn. I already had some questions in my head about it but after this mission, it’s all solved. Thank you very much!” – Onur A, technical lead

“The training with Power Up is very organic, simple and clear.” – Santiago C V, technical lead

About the author

Laura Butvinik is Global Manager, Customer Education and Training


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