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Immediate Feedback – New Quiz Feature

September 25, 2017 • Tal Valler

Feedback is one of the most important elements of meaningful learning. Providing feedback that explains the answer immediately after the question had been answered, contributes to deep learning and comprehension, giving learners the chance to learn from their mistakes.

A study from the university of Minnesota indicates that immediate feedback has a greater impact than delayed feedback. The study shows that students who received immediate feedback, were able to comprehend the material they had just learned better than student who were given delayed feedback, and showed better knowledge retention.

A new feature from Gameffective ties feedback into learning, so that in case learners didn’t respond correctly, they receive an immediate explanation.

The first step is indicating, with color, whether the answer is wrong or right:

The next step is providing an explanation of the correct answer.

The feedback can also pop up when the user did answer correctly and provide him with further explanation, depending on the manager’s choice.

The new feature transforms quizzes and assessments into a learning opportunity that is interactive and engaging for the learners. This positive feedback mechanism enables to simultaneously teach while assessing, promoting learning and better knowledge retention, while encouraging motivation and continuous improvement.


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