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Gameffective Recognized as # 1 in the Gamification Platform Leader Matrix

April 15, 2015 • gal

Believing you are doing a good job is one thing. Getting external validation for that – and achieving the number one spot – is another.

Today is such a day for the team at Gameffective. The Enterprise Gamification consultancy, headed by Mario Herger, published its Gamification Platform Leader Matrix for 2015. We are ranked at the very top, and nicknamed a “surprise” by the report’s author.

Gamification Industry Report Results

The matrix is part of  the first Gamification Industry Report. The report compares 12 enterprise gamification platforms that are universal (i.e. not directed at just one enterprise gamification vertical such as sales or customer service, but working across many types of enterprise applications). The 12 platforms were ranked across multiple categories. The full report is available here.

Gamification Platform Leaders

Looking to define Leaders, Followers and Contenders in the enterprise gamification space, the report plots product and service offerings against the visionary strength of each platform.

The end result is clustering enterprise gamification platforms into three distinct groups: Leaders, Followers and contenders.

Four companies are recognized as leaders: Gameffective, Infosys, Badgeville and Bunchball. According to the report, the top leader is Gameffective. Bunchball is located in the second place – and there is a tie between Badgeville and Infosys. The report notes that while the most attention in the past several years was given to Bunchball and Badgeville, Gameffective “has quietly executed and delivered with an impressively visionary approach.” On the vision level, Gameffective was ranked number one in the report. On the “platform robustness” level, the report ranks Gameffective in the third place.

The report’s author, Enterprise Gamification Guru Mario Herger says that leaders were chosen on the merits of being strong in both categories – both vision and platform robustness – with platforms that are both feature rich with the tools to design and operate a gamified system while also demonstrating a strong vision in their approach and platform architecture. Commenting further, Herger said that “Elements that define a strong vision can include the use of gamification design models, new standards, thought leadership in how to use gamification data, or the application of visual and novel gamification design elements”.

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