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What Should You Look For When Choosing an Enterprise Learning Management System?

July 6, 2017 • gal

Before reading this article, please take 10 seconds and have another look at our homepage. This guy, seated somewhere near his office, looking like he’s reading something on his smartphone, is the embodiment of the complexities in enterprise learning today.The structure of work has changed. Organizations have become more global with operations and personnel scattered all over the world. Your workforce has become much more flexible and heterogeneous – you have employees working at desks, employees that move around from one station to another and, even in some cases employees that hardly ever show up in the office at all (spending the duration of their work in the field).

It’s not just the geographical nature of work that’s changed. The very nature of it has been transformed. There was an ancient time, some 40 years ago, when people had no mobile devices and work was only done on the office computer (if you even had one). Today, your workplace is wherever you do work and that can be at your desk, on the train, or even sitting next to your office on the pavement. This guy you just looked at, in the picture, could be doing some super important work assignment. He might be updating his CRM or emailing a client, or maybe even editing shipping orders on a google doc. Working like this would not have been possible back in the day.

So, what glues the whole thing together? How do you get this whole plethora of people, places, product offerings and platforms to orchestrate well?  The only way I know to deal effectively with this issue is through clever transfer of knowledge, its endowment across the board, to all employees regardless of position or location. This is your only way to keep everybody in the organization on the same page, and this is the exact point where enterprise learning management systems come into play.


What should you look for when choosing one of these? They should be designed to be the perfect place for storing and constantly updating the best practices and accumulated enterprise knowledge and they should enable its wise and engaging administration. The complexity of the modern work place calls for compatible elasticity and agility in these systems. These systems must cater to divisions of different size, needs and to a changing variety of roles. You want a software that will not only be user-friendly but also everywhere and anytime. You need it to be mobile-friendly (referring you again to our homepage picture) and intuitive – but also one that will be able to match learning techniques to corporate strategy. It will have to deal with different goals such as knowledge initiation, as opposed to knowledge retention. And it should always take into account the shortening span of attention, especially for Y generation workers, and enable the learning micro-chunks of content – a practice that is not only timely but better for the learning process itself.


The enterprise learning management system Gameffective developed, the gLearn system — an eLearning engagement platform – is designed to either supplement or fully replace existing LMSs, enabling HR learning managers to add previously unavailable capabilities to their LMS, such as feedback, gamification and much more. The gLearn system allows them to apply personalized learning on individual performance; push daily learning tasks to employees; find out whether information repetition or re-enforcement is needed; provide access to new knowledge when required (time-sensitive communications, such as a new campaign or product feature); as well as analyze and check results (retention/certification). Users themselves are given the freedom to create, author and link learning materials.

Hopefully, you’ve noticed the sword and laurels added on our ideal employee’s figure, so deeply engrossed and engaged in learning, that he himself doesn’t notice it. This is what the ideal enterprise learning management system should achieve: fit any worker, at any level, on every location and to whatever device he’s using, ubiquitously, and first and foremost – be as engaging and fun as possible.

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