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Celebrate Success with The Next Generation of TV Leaderboards: gTV

September 25, 2017 • Tal Valler

Everyone wants to reach their goals. Most managers know they need to set the right performance and learning goals and encourage their employees to reach them, but sometimes celebrating success is as important. Employees crave recognition and can be motivated by the public communication of their wins.

One tool that is commonly used is leaderboards, which quite effectively serve as a way to recognize achievement and encourage desired behaviors. Using office TVs to celebrate success and showcase leaderboard winners is a great practice in many sales and service environments.

Gameffective’s new TV module lets you broadcast employees’ achievements across TV screens in the office. It is video-driven, meaning that it doesn’t show static leaderboards but combines them with a video feed – a little like sports results on TV. The module automatically pulls data from the system score logs and shows live updates of top scores and performers. Combining videos and exciting themes, we’re making every workday into a celebration of employees’ achievement and successes.

Here’s an example:

Scores can be presented across teams, departments, even across countries and continents. This empowers employees and encourages them to gain accountability and own their productivness, boosting team spirit and enthusiasm.

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