Case Studies

Reservation & Customer Care Reduces Attrition by 50%

A leading global hospitality company, with a portfolio of 22 world-class brands comprising nearly 7,300 properties and more than 1.1 million rooms in 123 countries and territories. Specifically, Reservations and Customer Care were managing poor retention of new hire populations from offer to training start, as well as the entire preboarding and onboarding lifecycle. They also had no transparency into onboarding progress or the correlation between onboarding performance and production performance.

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50% Drop in early attrition overall
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8% Decrease in job abandonment
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5% Decrease in personal reasons for leaving
“The gamification of the onboarding process gave new hires a preview of what to expect of our learning environment: engaging, valuable and team member focused. A website with information fields and links just doesn’t compare.”


Their goal was to improve onboarding experience, gain real-time visibility into onboarding completion to eliminate reliance on external data teams, identify disengagement from early on, and reduce costs associated with turnover.
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Engage • Gamified and personalized onboarding experience
• One platform for everything creates less friction and better understanding where to get started on day one.
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Coach • Real-time insights for leaders and next best action recommendations for gaps in understanding
• Easily identify and follow up on missed training missions.
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Improve • Real time access into onboarding progress
• Ability to identify and reduce common reasons for leaving
• Insight into individual and group trends


For the first time ever, The Reservation and Customer Care team had visibility into real time preboarding and onboarding completion and independent study completion making them more efficient and not relying on another resource to pull data reports.


"Leveraging Centrical was so much easier to track completion and see who was actively participating during the onboarding process as well as the training. It was also easy to identify when/why someone was struggling with a particular step because we could see that it was a result of them not completing a mission. “

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