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Optimizing Agent Performance

Leading hospitality brand drives consistent performance using Centrical and Amazon Connect

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↑ 29% Sales conversion
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↑ 8% Customer satisfaction
“We found that by letting agents know what their goals and results are, supporting them with on-the-job training and coaching, and recognizing their efforts, they help us drive improvement.”

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, a leading hospitality brand with thousands of properties around the world faced mounting challenges. To come out on top and achieve its customer satisfaction and loyalty goals, as well as increase overall sales, the Company needed to step up its efforts to deliver an exceptional level of service. Realizing that frontline contact center employees are a critical driver of customer satisfaction and sales, the company set out to simplify and improve the experience for its reservations and service desk agents. Another focus area was enhancing learning and coaching processes to increase proficiency and performance levels. To succeed, they needed to address the following:

• Eliminate the barriers to success created by the plethora of tools and platforms agents were required to navigate to get their jobs done.

• Keep agents aligned with their performance against goals by consolidating operational data and providing a single source of truth on performance targets and goal achievement in real-time.

• Empower team leaders who struggled to adequately personally guide their teams and demonstrate the company’s coaching culture during the shift to work from home.

With these objectives in mind, the Company set out to find a solution that would personally guide both frontline agents and their team leaders in driving engagement and performance improvement. Gamifying the experience and keeping it fun would be a great bonus

Partnering with a company that unlocks employee potential, at scale

Looking at a variety of tools, the company quickly narrowed in on Centrical for its reputation and proven track record impacting business results by increasing employee engagement and performance in a fun, friendly and gamified solution.

The Company deployed Centrical for its reservations desk and service center agents, connecting it to Amazon Connect and other data sources to present relevant KPIs to agents. This created clear focus and alignment with company goals for agents.

To meet its objectives around learning and to enable agents to take ownership in their development, the Company:

  • Connected Centrical to existing learning modules, delivered fresh content on a regular basis to keep agents engaged

  • Branded the platform to create an experience aligned with the company culture

  • Implemented a rewards and recognition program.

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Challenges For a leading global hospitality brand, too many disconnected systems, lack of data visibility, and inefficient frontline management processes prevented customer service and sales agents from performing their best, impacting customer satisfaction and sales. The Company was looking for a way to bring together agent scorecards, learning, and coaching in an engaging platform that would also support recognition and rewards to motivate agents to improve.
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Solution The Company chose Amazon Connect as their cloud contact center solution and Centrical as their frontend agent performance, engagement, and self-improvement platform. Centrical was also used to support team leaders in scaling their efforts by providing actionable AI-driven insights (via a seamless integration with Amazon Connect).
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↑ 29%

Increase in sales conversion within 6 months by reservations desk agents highly engaged with the platform.

↑ 8%

higher customer satisfaction scores overall from service agents. Employee satisfaction surveys are showing that team leaders agree that “Centrical is a game changer.”
“I’ve found that agents are very responsive to challenges and competition, and so are their managers.”

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