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BOOST is a variety show from Centrical focused on one thing: helping you elevate your employee engagement and performance.

Hosts Luke Jamieson and Laura Butvinik explore a collection of employee engagement topics, examining trends to know, insights to help you become a better leader, and conversations with peers sure to put a smile on your face

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The definitive podcast on employee engagement

Episode #13: Boost – The best bits of Season 1

In this episode, Luke and Laura reflect on their favourite moments of season 1. From the stuff, they found most insightful through to the downright funny as well as some behind-the-scenes goodies.

Episode #12: Testing the Limits of Work While Traveling the World with Tim Buzza

What does work look like without limits? Few people know better than Tim Buzza, Chief Customer Officer at Attune. As he travels the world, he’s learned employees have three unique modes of work: Creative, collaborative and concentrated. And that great leaders empower and enable their employees to design each mode how they work best. Learn how Tim inspires teams to create an employee experience that drives results.

Episode #11: Going to Gemba: To Design the Best Frontline Jobs with Sean McGinn

Gemba is the practice of leaders learning from their frontline employees. Sean McGinn, founder and director of the Melbourne-based Agile Contact Centre, suggests you adopt the Japanese practice with your teams, too. Interacting more with customers than any other employees, call center teams are uniquely poised to learn about gaps, fix them and adapt. And it starts with leaders giving them the psychological safety and autonomy to do their job effectively. Sean joins Laura and fellow-Aussie Luke on BOOST to share how to create a healthy and successful frontline employee experience.

Episode #10: Building a Culture of Appreciation with Glen Cathey

Recording a sales call might feel like Big Brother to some employees, but leveraging recording technology can lead to major boosts in performance. How do you balance trust in your employees with the desire to help them improve? Glen Cathey, SVP, Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation at Randstad, joins the show to share how he navigates situations like this.

Episode #9: Creating Frameworks for Sustainable Performance with Lisa Dolan

Lisa Dolan, Senior Vice President of Employee Engagement and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Teleperformance, shares best practices for employee engagement. We discuss the importance of listening to employees, caring for all areas of their wellbeing, and creating frameworks that enable sustainable performance.

Episode #8: The Starring Character: The Business Case for Compassion

As a leader, is it your responsibility to address an employee’s personal trauma? Yemi Penn, TEDx speaker, entrepreneur, and author answers this and many other big questions in this episode. She dives into incorporating mindfulness into relationships with employees and the importance of sharing our stories.

Episode #7: Come One, Come All: Enabling Your Employees’ “Rare Breed” Virtues

In this episode, Luke and Laura welcome author Sunny Bonnell to the BOOST stage to share more on her “Rare Breed” movement. Sunny is on a mission to empower leaders to harness the power of their most audacious, obsessed, weird, hypnotic, rebellious employees–all of these being “Rare Breed” traits that will, if fostered correctly, take your organization and its success to the next level.

Episode #6: BONUS: The Key to Engaging Employees of All Ages

On this very special bonus episode, Centrical Founder & CEO Gal Rimon shares his bird’s eye view on employee experience and training trends – from gamification (and how to do it very wrong) to creating multi-generational experiences that will resonate, this is a show you won’t want to miss.

Episode #5: Stories of Impact: The Keys to Impactful Employee Training

In this episode, Renzo Urzua, Global Contact Centre Management Training & Design Lead for Mastercard, joins BOOST to share his insight on helping to manage and train global teams. We discuss the ways language and culture deeply impact training dynamics, and the importance of encouraging each employee’s own personal brand through the training process and beyond.

Episode #4: Moments of Truth: Establishing the foundation of your CX and EX

In this episode, Laura Patterson, President and Co-Founder of VisionEdge Marketing and author of Fast Track Your Business, joins BOOST to share the keys to providing a rockstar employee experience, and why even the littlest moments matter in creating experiences that impact your bottom line. We discuss how CX and EX both affect each other, why culture sets the foundation for business success, and how to progressively empower your employees.

Episode #3: Wow Factor – Creating “edutaining” experiences for your employees

In this episode, influencer and author Dennis Wakabayashi takes to the BOOST stage to share all about how his experience at Expo 2020 Dubai changed the way he thinks about creating experiences for employees. Dennis shares not only his incredible stories from Dubai, but also his tactical takeaways for how you can implement storytelling in your EX strategies, celebrate employees in creative ways, and how corporations can start thinking of “the needs of the few”, first.

Episode #2: EX Excellence – Here’s how to create an employee journey map

In this episode, author Annette Franz takes to the BOOST stage to talk about why (and how) companies should map out their employee experiences just as carefully as their customer experiences. Annette recently authored the book “Built To Win”, which is all about creating a customer-centric culture by putting employees at the heart of everything.

Episode #1: Serotonin show – the chemical proof behind creating a lasting employee experience

In this episode, CX influencer Nate Brown joins Luke and Laura to talk about why he–a CX expert–is so passionate about the employee experience. He shares examples of employee experiences influencing customer experiences, why creating a dopamine-fueled “winning” culture isn’t the best morale booster, and how employee expectations have shifted dramatically over the past few years.

Nate is the Senior Director of Customer Experience at Arise Virtual Solutions and co-founder of the CX Accelerator community.


Create a learning culture. Ensure business agility. Engage, train, and coach talent. Attract and retain employees. Boost performance. No matter how you break it down there is a multitude of imperatives facing enterprises today as they manage modern workforces and just as many opportunities to optimize employee performance.

About the Hosts:

Laura Butvinik

Laura is the Global Manager of Customer Education at Centrical. During her career in training, she’s enabled people and companies around the world.

From public speaking and live workshops to instructional design, she wears many hats – but is always focused on bringing delightful learning experiences to customers and employees alike.

Having studied film production at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, she loves bringing storytelling into her work to create fun and memorable experiences. 

Laura lives in NYC where you’ll find her running in Central Park, watching musicals, baking for her friends and family, and playing board games on the weekend.

Luke Jamieson

Luke is a top global influencer and thought leader on customer and employee engagement. Combining vision, high energy, creativity, and execution, he’s an inspiring and refreshing keynote speaker, podcaster, and blogger.

Luke’s been featured in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal and The Australian.

He studied design thinking at D.school, Stanford University, and is a certified LEGO® Serious Play® facilitator.

His rebellious, unconventional approaches have attracted many coveted awards and his enthusiasm for CX and EX has helped shape some of Australia’s largest organizations customer and employee experience programs.

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