Centrical for Amazon Connect

Leverage real-time KPIs from Amazon Connect and Contact Lens to engage, motivate, and empower your agents with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

Centrical is an Amazon Connect partner

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Drive business success


Align agents to goals and guide their success with personalized microlearning, feedback, recognition, and coaching.


Make work engaging and reduce attrition using advanced gamification and personalized learning journeys.


Focus team leaders with AI-driven performance insights and targeted coaching actions to motivate and recognize agents.


Realize immediate value with Centrical’s out-of-the-box integration with Amazon Connect and Contact Lens.

Pasquale DeMaio
General Manager, Amazon Connect, AWS

Customers are increasingly looking for ways to get more from their data, enhance learning, and further improve agent performance.
We are delighted to be working with Centrical to provide customers with an employee-centric contact center experience.

Lower average
handle time
Higher first-call
resolution rate
Lower employee
turnover rate
Higher average
order value

Agents that excel

Centrical uses game mechanics like narratives, points, levels, leaderboards, challenges, badges, virtual currency, team competition, and more to make the agent experience engaging and rewarding. It also detects knowledge gaps and responds to performance dips by delivering relevant learning in the moment of need to keep your agents on a continuous path to success.

Managers that lead

Centrical equips team leaders with an advanced manager console that provides full visibility into their teams’ performance and harnesses the power of AI to surface top insights that require their attention. Team leaders can then take immediate action, initiating micro-coaching sessions to individual team members, creating time-based challenges to drive performance improvement, or providing recognition for a job well done.

Seamless integration

Centrical’s direct and secure API connection receives and processes Amazon Connect and Contact Lens metrics in real time allowing for a rapid implementation with minimum setup time. You can be up and running quickly with valuable contact center data flowing in, to be shared with agents and team leaders, to drive challenges, recognition, and personalized learning paths.

Optimize contact center productivity

Whether you’re using Amazon Connect or considering a migration, take your contact center performance and engagement to the next level with Centrical for Amazon Connect.

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