Spice things up and boost motivation with virtual stores

Motivation is everything. Managers who wish to improve employee engagement know they must keep employees motivated and make sure they’re on board with organization goals. How can motivation levels be kept high? One way is to show appreciation and recognition of achievements, and sometimes you can take virtual recognition (feedback, kudos, badges) and transform them into a physical prize.

At Centrical, we created a virtual store that provides fun rewards for employees, based on their participation and achievement. The store contains that users can buy by redeeming the virtual currency they have earned. It encourages employees to hit their KPIs and complete learning missions and provides the extra recognition and motivation employees sometimes need.

Employees gain points which are converted to a virtual currency that is redeemable at the virtual store, which is a part of Centrical’s platform.

Even if they haven’t earned enough coins to be able to purchase something, employees can see the locked items and know exactly how many coins are needed to order them.

One way to use the virtual store feature is by creating monthly pop-up stores with limited time offers that reset at the end of the month. this creates anticipation and provides employees with the exact motivation they need to give ‘a little extra push” and earn their prize while they still can.

Recognition from your peers is important as well. Once an employee has successfully redeemed his coins and received his prize, he can proudly show it at the office and gain recognition from his friends and co-workers as well.
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The fact that there’s no other way to earn these prizes but hard work and dedication to their goals and missions, helps encourage desired behaviors and direct employees to succeed in reaching their goals.

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