Gamification or Digital Culture: The Future of Engagement in the Contact Center

What digital motivation can do for frontline employees and their managers, from real-time performance management to learning, coaching, and recognition. 

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Digital engagement provides an exciting new way of breaking away from old paradigms to generate motivation, proficiency, and engagement. These activities can form a new digital culture, provide emotional engagement and improve performance, creating a sense of connectedness and choice at work. 

What you will learn:

  • How to help managers better coach to drive employee performance and learning
  • How to apply the principles of real-time performance management to frontline managers
  • How to help managers determine what’s the best use of their coaching investment
  • Why the personal touch is so important for employee well-being
  • Why it’s important to infuse empathy, ensure wellbeing, create deeper connection
  • How to help employees exceed expectations with personal challenges

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