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It’s a New Dawn, New Day: Feeling Great about Gameffective’s New User Interface

January 5, 2016 • gal

As we enter the new year 2016, we’re bound to admit that we are very excited by the new User Interface for the Gameffective platform. The old User Interface did well for us. We deployed it with happy corporate customers, their employees used it for a gamification experience that improved performance, learning or both and we even got recognized as theĀ leading platform in enterprise gamification. Still, we knew it was time to upgrade and make sure that our many insights of real-life workforce gamification deployments need to be embodied in a new user interface.

This is why we are thrilled to announce the re-designed user interface. You can read more about its different elements here.

gameffective user interface for gamification


All this isn’t just about a change of fonts or colors in Gameffective’s product. On top of a simpler and streamlined backend system, so that managers can adjust games on the fly, as well as a better analytics module which allows for game optimization, the exposure of KPIs, missions and the addition of a social feed are all valuableĀ improvements to the system.




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