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Gameffective Users Get Into the World Cup 2018 Spirit with a Once in a 4 Years Campaign

June 19, 2018 • Boaz Gordon

FIFA World Cup spirit is all about teamwork, great achievements, celebrating success, overcoming challenges and dealing with failures. It’s the ultimate competition between teams (Argentina or Brazil? Or maybe Germany?) and individuals (Messi or Ronaldo?), giving everyone a chance to lift the golden trophy at the end. And let’s not forget – it’s fun!

Gamification shares the same values. Using gamification at work can help companies get employees excited about their work goals almost as much as they are about Messi’s goals. It puts employee engagement and motivation in the center using the same mechanics that make the World Cup such a great event.

It makes work goals visual and intuitive and generates a sense of progression and achievement. It delivers the rush of instant feedback combined with the chance of gaining recognition and rewards. Gamification, when done right, fosters team collaboration through healthy competitions, team challenges, and collaborative spaces to share tactics and provide support. Combined, all these elements drive employees to perform the best they can and take pride in their achievements.

Embracing the World Cup spirit, GamEffecitve launches a once-in-four-years campaign for its users. It’s packed with fun missions, unique look-and-feel themes, and opportunities for accessorizing your avatar to support your team and more. Gameffective brings the tournament excitement into your employees’ workspace. It’s a great chance to reward your employees on their hard work and dedication and funnel some of the World Cup excitement to your day to day work – guaranteed to boost office morale and motivation.

So give it a spin. Contact your account manager today to learn how to implement our World Cup themes and get into the FIFA spirit!


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