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Gameffective unveils gLearn – an eLearning Engagement Platform

November 16, 2016 • gal

Gameffective, a leader in Employee Engagement Platforms, announced today the release of gLearn, a Gamified eLearning Experience Platform. gLearn supercharges learning and onboarding and ties it into performance.

Using the platform, learning and development professionals can easily author engaging and interactive learning materials, using the internal materials they already have. Learning materials are delivered to users in micro-chunks based on the context of how employees are performing, letting employees easily consume learning data that can improve their performance.

Gal Rimon, Founder and CEO of Gameffective says: “Traditional learning management systems are facing low levels of engagement by users, and therefore users aren’t accessing, consuming and retaining the learning materials essential to their jobs. On the other hands, employees are interested to learn on the job. They are well aware of the fact that learning is earning. This is where eLearning engagement platforms matter. They push learning materials to users, deploy digital motivation and engage users in a daily interaction with learning. We’ve seen cases where access to learning tripled almost immediately”.

gLearn lets companies create, author and link to learning materials, push learning tasks to employees for daily or weekly interaction, personalize learning, tie it to actual performance and measure it all.
“We’ve based the system on our understanding of gamification and real-time feedback. It is based on a science-based understating of the “human operating system” said Rimon.
The first part of the system is about creating good content, which is a challenge for many companies. The essence here is to liven up existing learning materials by adding interaction and engagement.

gLearn content comes in three compelling “flavors”:

– Simulations for branching storylines & scenario based training

– Blended Sessions for the creation of interactive micro-learning

– Quizzes to measure completion and knowledge retention

Additionally, Gameffective uses “push learning” – tying performance into learning. The platform can tell what employees are doing well on the job and what they aren’t doing that well. It then ties this knowledge into personalized and contextual learning that can repeat learning as necessary until the learning goals are met.


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