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Congratulations to our Centrical Select Awards Finalists.

By: Daphne Saragosti, Global Vice President, Customer Success, Centrical

The Shortlist Is In. Meet Our Finalists.

As the head of Centrical’s Customer Success team, I have an enviable job. I am privileged along with my team to work closely with some of the best companies in the world. They are progressive companies that care deeply about employees and have turned to us to help nurture their success.

Centrical works side by side to help these companies increase employee engagement and reimagine work today. This is no small task with the challenges companies face today, including widespread attrition and a global pivot to work-from-anywhere. But our work has never been more fulfilling or more interesting. It is rewarding to watch companies apply our technology to reimagine learning and coaching, to creatively build community, and measure and enhance employee performance and wellbeing.

And now it is our turn to recognize our visionary clients. The Centrical Select Awards honor clients taking our platform to new heights and using it in innovative ways to transform their people, improve customer experiences, and drive company growth. We are pleased to announce our 2021 finalists for the awards. On behalf of everyone in Centrical, congratulations to these valued clients.

Categories and Finalists

The Centrical Select Awards include six categories. Because we are all about people in Centrical each category is named for a personality or a type of person who excels applying our platform. Meet our finalists.

The Professor

These nominees have built a truly unique learning environment, one where learning is hyper engaging, always-on, and delivers daily impact. They have developed innovative best practices that deliver repeatable and measurable outcomes in terms of learner engagement, addressing knowledge gaps, improving retention, and impacting business results.


  1. BT Wholesale
  2. Randstad USA
  3. Webhelp UK
  4. Yahoo, Inc.
  5. Payoneer

The Gamer

These nominees have implemented a unique gamification strategy to drive desirable employee behaviors and sustain engagement over time. Their implementations goes beyond points, badges, and leaderboards to ensure employees stay engaged, focused on the right goals, and collaborate effectively with their peers.


  1. A.C.E. Auto Club Southern California
  2. Comdata Peru
  3. Konica Minolta
  4. Teleperformance
  5. Webhelp Romania

The Captain

These nominees have built robust, scalable, and effective employee management and coaching mechanisms to support their frontline leaders. They employ coaching processes that empower and motivate employees to succeed daily, ensure alignment with business needs, and create focus—delivering measurable business outcomes regardless of their employees’ work locations.


  1. American Family
  2. Bosch
  3. Dynata
  4. Hilton
  5. Comdata Colombia

The Caregiver

These nominees deliver business value by ensuring their employees feel and stay safe, healthy, and connected. They take a holistic approach to employee wellbeing by consistently connecting with their employees, keeping a pulse of employee needs and challenges, and creating a true sense of community within their workforce.


  1. BMW Financial Services
  2. Comdata France
  3. Telia Norway
  4. Recoveriescorp
  5. Sitel Philippines

The Innovator

These nominees have followed their vision and used our platform to do something truly unique, successfully driving their business forward and inspiring employees to succeed.


  1. GoHealth
  2. Kohlbecker
  3. Microsoft Store Support
  4. PayPal
  5. Sitel Philippines

The High-Performer

These nominees use data to help their business succeed, offering employees personalized and dynamic goals, and delivering the most relevant feedback in the point of need. They use real-time data to improve performance across their organization, adapt goals to fit changing business needs, and help team leaders provide coaching when and where it matters most


  1. Anthem
  2. Barona
  3. ENI
  4. Swiss Life Select
  5. Teleperformance

Share the excitement

Category winners will be announced on December 9th in our Select Virtual Awards Ceremony. Register today to celebrate the achievements of the Centrical customer experience community. By the way, you don’t have to be a winner or even a Centrical client to join us. Attend if you are looking for examples of companies delivering inspired employee engagement.

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