Building High Performance Teams with Lisa Leslie
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Lisa Leslie, WNBA Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist

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Abstract: Effective coaching is key to building highly engaged, high-performing teams. Research has shown that managers adopting coaching behaviors instead of a directive management style can contribute to increased overall employee engagement, performance, retention and achievement of company goals. In fact, the Manager-as-Coach model is even ranked as one of the top three most effective learning and development interventions. When done right, employees are motivated to perform well, empowered to achieve their goals, and overall, are more satisfied with their work.

As a former professional basketball player and head coach, Lisa Leslie will share her knowledge of coaching in the sports world and connect it to coaching in the business world. In a conversation with Centrical’s Chief Revenue Officer, she with share her own insights, examples and lessons on how to drive performance through effective coaching.

Presenters: Eric Presbrey CRO Centrical | Lisa Leslie WBNA Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, Author and Coach 

Lisa Leslie

Lisa Leslie
WBNA Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, Author and Coach

Eric Presbrey

Eric Presbrey CRO Centrical

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