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Gameffective, the workforce Gamification platform, released a Football (Soccer) theme

March 10, 2014 • gal

Gameffective, the workforce Gamification platform released a new engaging theme – The FOOTBALL (Soccer) theme.

Each player represents a specific KPI (Average Handle Time, Resolution rate, Calls, Customer Satisfaction, Sales, etc.) of the sales/service representative.To do well, the employee needs to balance the different KPIs, creating a balanced approach and developing a winning team for the employee.

this theme joins the rich game narrative library developed by Gameffective : American Football, Racing cars, GAMEffective Idol, City Tycoon, Golf, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket and more.

Good Gamification is about achieving, through skill and learning, striking the right balance between the different KPIs. When that happens, the employee has a winning team that can go on and participate in matches (conducted on a weekly basis), making success and skill tangible and rewarding

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Enclosed a short presentation :

Gameffective – Fantasy Football (Soccer) Enterprise Gamification from Gameffective

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