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New White Paper: Best Practices for Better CRM Pipeline Management with Gamification

November 17, 2014 • gal

wp-coverWe just published a whitepaper about best enterprise gamification practices for CRM – specifically the art and science of pipeline management.

In it, we’re taking a close look at how gamification can help with ensuring that the sales pipeline is good….

Salespeople are salespeople. They are into selling. They love the rush they get when they close a deal. Sales people are not interested in a “data entry” job, and if you had an opening for one, they probably would not be a good choice. They would find it frustrating and boring: no competitive or winning instincts are satisfied when all CRM data requirements are accurately completed.

On the other hand, sales managers need real data, in real time, so they can make accurate forecasts and manage a sales pipeline that is in touch with reality. Otherwise, they have a GIGO problem: garbage-in-garbage-out.

In this white paper, we’ll take a look at the key challenges sales managers face when tasked with keeping their CRM system garbage-free:

  • Distorted forecasts
  • Duplicate leads
  • Stale information
  • The no-lead sharing economy
  • The “Opportunities are never lost” problem
  • Avoiding data entry at all costs

We’ll then show how gamification can be used, simply and elegantly, to address these challenges, communicate corporate objectives and help with process.

After all, we want to keep salespeople and their sales managers happy.

Go here to download the white paper.


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