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[VIDEO] Gamification, eLearning and the Employee Journey

February 15, 2016 • gal

Are you curious about how workforce gamification functions in today’s modern workplace? In this short video, Gameffective shows you how the platform can be used for on-boarding, learning and compliance
training for new products or systems, and for sales and support processes.

The dashboard you see in the video is a Gameffective widget which was specifically designed to help guide employees through their day to meet KPIs. Employees can see their current scores and view a section called “Next Best Action” to view the next recommended task which needs to be completed. Tasks, which can be configured in the Gameffective system, can come in many forms including trivia quizzes, simulations and online scavenger hunts.

Each employee will increase their score or earn coins by completing tasks. Badges are awarded and can easily be shared over the internal social feed which has been shown to increase engagement and motivation. Taking employee motivation and the desire to succeed one step further, management can set up dashboards so employees can see how they rank against colleagues, team members or the whole company.

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