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Top 5 Benefits Of Moving Your Compliance Training Online

September 22, 2016 • Tal Valler

When most of us think of compliance training courses the words “dread” and “excruciating boredom” usually come to mind. We know that long lectures, stressful tests, and countless manuals and training booklets are in store for us. But this is the traditional way of doing things. Today, organizations can create compliance online training programs that offer all of the benefits without the drawbacks. Moving your compliance training online can even help prevent penalty fees and regulatory violations. Here are the top 5 perks of using a compliance online training approach.

1. Ensures That Every Employee Is Up To Code

Traditional compliance training programs are difficult, if not costly, to deploy and track. They often involve printed multiple-choice or true/false assessments that don’t accurately gauge employee knowledge and proficiency. This is due to the fact that they are quantitative rather than qualitative. In other words, they measure the information an employee knows rather than how well they know it.

Compliance online training usually involves, online training simulationsbranching scenarios, and other interactive assessments that require employees to put knowledge into practice. For example, instead of merely choosing the correct answer, they must actually perform the procedure in the online training simulation. Learning Management System analytics also allow you to track employee progress and quickly view their results. If an individual is struggling, you can offer them additional online resources to ensure they remain within compliance. If you have a distributed or large workforce, compliance online training gives you the power to ensure that everyone is up to code without spending a fortune on face-to-face instruction.

2. Immerses Employees In Real World Situations

One of the most significant benefits of moving your compliance training online is being able to mimic real world challenges and situations. In the past, employees would have to deal with a steep learning curve on-the-job, where they would make mistakes and learn from them. Unfortunately, these mistakes often lead to compliance violations, workplace accidents, and rising operational costs.

Compliance online training immerses employees in real world environments so that they can gain experience without taking any risks. These multimedia online training activities also replicate workplace stress, which helps you determine how employees will perform under pressure. Is an employee going to handle a difficult situation with a cool head, or will they make costly errors when presented with a challenge? To get the full impact, ensure that your compliance online training course design incorporates realistic elements, such as images, sounds, and obstacles they encounter in the workplace.

3. Less Time In The Training Room, More In The Workplace

Every minute that your employees spend in the training room is a minute that they could be helping a customer and increasing your revenues. Compliance online training reduces the amount of time they spend in the training room, so that they can have more time in the workplace. In addition, there are no more instructor travel fees, site rental expenses, or printed material costs.

Traditional compliance training requires a significant number of payroll hours, but compliance online training courses can cut costs by more than half. An added benefit of this is increased employee satisfaction. Your employees would rather be doing their job than participating in a compliance online training course. Less training time equals happy employees, and happy employees leads to increased customer satisfaction and company profits.

4. Easy To Update And Maintain

Company policies and governmental regulations change periodically. If you are still relying on traditional training you must update all of your printed materials and retrain your instructors to account for these changes. With compliance online training, you only need to login to your LMS, make the modifications, and then deploy the updated compliance online training course.

It’s also much easier to maintain, since you can track every aspect of the online training experience with the click of a button, as well as assign coursework to certain employee groups. For example, the online facilitator has the ability to add an online training module or activity to the corporate eLearning curriculum, particularly designed for the employees of a specific department. Every corporate learner gets the compliance online training content they need to stay up-to-date, even if the organization doesn’t have a dedicated L&D or IT staff.

5. Increases Employee Participation And Motivation

Most employees don’t look forward to compliance training, and that’s putting it mildly. Online training has the power to change all that by making compliance training fun, engaging, and personalized. Instead of deploying “one size fits all” compliance online training courses, employees have access to targeted online training activities and modules based on their job duties. As a result, they are more motivated to learn and actively participate in your compliance online training course.

Corporate eLearning is also easier to access and more convenient. Employees have the ability to login to the LMS from anywhere in the world, whenever it fits into their schedule. They don’t have to set aside time to receive training during their work day, which means that they can focus on their responsibilities and increase their productivity. Lastly, employees know that they are getting relevant information that pertains to their position, and that increases the value of the compliance online training experience.

Compliance online training is ideal for organizations of all sizes, but it can be particularly beneficial for companies with distributed workforces. You no longer have to worry about your staff staying up to code or meeting company-wide standards. Now, everyone receives the same compliance online training across the board. You may even be so happy with the results that you decide to move your entire training program online!

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