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Great Work Deserves Recognition; Introducing Kudos Gamification

March 30, 2016 • gal

high five

This week we added Kudos to our platform.

Kudos are a great way to provide timely & public recognition that can serve as a catalyst for engagement and performance. In a way, it is like a social badge people can give one another.

What can you give Kudos for? Many things come to mind: being kind, teamwork, innovation, dedication, responsiveness, and more. It is all about the fact that great work deserves recognition.

Kudos are an addition to the social capabilities in the Gameffective platform.

Sending Kudos from user to user – can be done within the leaderboard (see the thumbs up icon, note that kudos can be capped per user, to avoid abuse).



When a user receives kudos, they are sent an in-app notification:



If you’re sharp-eyed you can see that in the game above, receiving kudos can result in points being awarded.

Here’s what kudos set-up looks like on Gameffective’s backend:

  • You can cap kudos (in this case they are capped on a weekly basis)
  • Decide whether Kudos translate into more points
  • As well as decide whether giving kudos is also a mission, prompting employees to interact and recognize their colleagues’ achievements


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